Clerk’s race ousts incumbent

By Bill Colvard -
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Newcomers to electoral politics prevailed in both Republican and Democratic party primaries in the hotly contested race for Surry County clerk of court.

In the Republican primary, former magistrate Neil Brendle triumphed over incumbent clerk Teresa O’Dell, with 2,942 votes, or 51.8 percent the votes cast, to Odell’s 2,737 votes, 48.2 percent of the total votes cast.

In the Democratic primary, Kim Goings Thomas, a former 15-year veteran of the clerk’s office, won with 1,310 votes, or 56.7 percent, winning over former magistrate John Snow, who garnered 1,001 votes, or 43.3 percent of the total.

Republican Primary

“This means the world to me,” said Neil Brendle, upon winning the Republican primary. “I want to thank my family and my supporters and every citizen of Surry County. I have always wanted to do public service, and I am elated at the end results.”

“I just want to reach out to anyone who has ideas to couple with the research I have already done. I want Surry County to have the best clerk’s office in the state.”

“I have a lot of ideas and a lot of plans, but it’s still a long road ahead. Without the support of everyone, it would not have been possible.”

Teresa O’Dell did not respond to a voicemail Tuesday evening.

Democratic Primary

“First, I would like to thank everyone who voted for me and all of those who helped me throughout my campaign,” said Kim Thomas when the last precincts were in, and she had defeated rival Democrat John Snow by 309 votes.

“I would also like to thank John Snow for a clean campaign. I am so grateful to have won the primary, and I am ecstatic to see what the next few months will hold. It’s been a pleasure spending time with the other candidates, and I am grateful to have had the chance to be in the presence of such admirable people. It’s so good to know that there are so many people out there who want to see me succeed.”

Thomas concluded by saying, “Again, thank you for your support.”

“The people spoke, and they spoke loud and clear,” said John Snow, of Tuesday’s election results. “I am extremely happy Teresa O’Dell will not be the clerk of court of Surry County. Neil Brendle beat her, and he’s a fine man and will make a fine clerk of court. Kim Thomas beat me by 309 votes, and she will make a fine clerk of court.”

“Kim ran a good clean race, and I have already called her and pledged my support.”

“I don’t know what I did differently than what Kim did, but she did something I didn’t do. I’m happy for her. It’s been an interesting night. A lot of people won races that should have won. Now I don’t have to wait six months for my results.”

“I have never done this before, and it is safe to say that I will never do this again.”

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By Bill Colvard

Reach Bill Colvard at 336-415-4699.

Reach Bill Colvard at 336-415-4699.