East Wilkes spring sports results

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RONDA — The East Wilkes Cardinals softball, soccer, baseball and tennis teams played several games last week across the area. Some teams took home wins, while others fell to their opponents.


The Lady Cardinals played a non-conference game against North Stokes (0-12) on Monday night. It was a chilly and windy game that saw East Wilkes take a 6-2 win.

In the first half, East Wilkes was able to get on the board early to take a 1-0 lead in the opening minute of play. North Stokes was able to answer back seven minutes later as the Vikings tied the game. Just two minutes after the tying goal, North Stokes took the lead over East Wilkes with another goal.

The Cardinals started to pick up their momentum as the first half continued on. East Wilkes was able to knock in the tying goal with 18 minutes left, then knock in the go-ahead goal just one minute later. At halftime, East Wilkes had a 3-2 lead over the Vikings.

As temperatures kept dropping, things on the field started to heat up. East Wilkes was able to maintain the majority of possession in the opening minutes. As the clock hit the 52-minute mark, East Wilkes was able to break through the back line and knock in its fourth goal of the night.

East Wilkes was able to keep dominating the second half, as the Cardinals knocked in two more goals before the game was over to take a 6-2 win. Goal scorers for the Cardinals were Jordan Schubart (2), Shelia Aguilar (1), and Ciara Pierce (3).

The Lady Cardinals have an overall record of 5-7, and a Mountain Valley Athletic Conference record of 4-4.

MVAC soccer standings:

Wilkes Central 7-1

Starmount 7-1

Ashe County 5-3

East Wilkes 4-4

North Wilkes 4-4

Elkin 4-4

Alleghany 1-7

West Wilkes 0-8


East Wilkes was able to split its games last week. On Wednesday, the Cardinals hosted 4A West Forsyth in a game that saw the visiting team take a 13-0 win.

On Friday night, East Wilkes traveled to West Jefferson to take on the Ashe County Huskies in an MVAC game. East Wilkes came out swinging early in the game to take a dominating 16-2 conference win.

East Wilkes now has an overall record of 9-9, and a MVAC record of 7-3.

MVAC baseball standings:

West Wilkes 9-1

East Wilkes 7-3

Starmount 6-4

Wilkes Central 5-5

Elkin 4-6

Alleghany 4-6

North Wilkes 4-6

Ashe County 1-9


The East Wilkes softball team earned two wins last week. The first was a non-conference win over Walkertown, and the next was a conference win over Ashe County. The Lady Cardinals took a 7-0 win over Walkertown, and an 11-1 win over Ashe County.

Overall, East Wilkes has a record of 7-3. In the MVAC, the Cardinals are 7-3.

MVAC softball standings:

West Wilkes 9-1

East Wilkes 7-3

Alleghany 7-3

Starmount 6-4

Wilkes Central 4-5

North Wilkes 3-7

Elkin 2-8

Ashe County 1-8


East Wilkes played West Wilkes and Alleghany to take three vital wins. The Cardinals have a 9-4 overall record, and a 9-1 MVAC record.

East Wilkes 9 – West Wilkes 0


#1 Nick Wooldredge (EW) d. Owen Miller 6-4, 6-1

#2 Josiah Sparks (EW) d. John Shepherd 6-0, 6-0

#3 Easton Wagoner (EW) d. Caleb Holquin 6-0, 6-0

#4 Andrew Walker (EW) d. Quinten Parsons 4-6, 6-2, 10-6

#5 Ryan Simpson (EW) d. Luke Sheets 6-0, 6-1

#6 Alex Chatman (EW) d. Evan Hamby 6-4, 6-2


#1 Wooldredge/Sparks (EW) d. Miller/Shepherd 8-2

#2 Wagoner/Walker (EW) d. Holquin/Parsons 8-1

#3 Simpson/Chandler Whitaker (EW) d. Sheets/Hamby 8-1

East Wilkes 9 – Alleghany 0


#1 Nick Wooldredge (EW) d. Colby Brooks 8-1

#2 Josiah Sparks (EW) d. Shaqeel Lawson 8-0

#3 Easton Wagoner (EW) d. Garrett Wishon 8-0

#4 Abram Sparks (EW) d. Jacob Poole 8-0

#5 Ty Cleary (EW) d. Mauricio Lopez 8-0

#6 Dylan Ward (EW) d. Larry Bravo 8-0


#1 Wooldredge/Wagoner (EW) d. Lawson/Wishon 8-0

#2 Sparks/Sparks (EW) d. Brooks/Lopez 8-1

#3 Cleary/Ward (EW) d. Poole/Bravo 8-0

East Wilkes 9 – Alleghany 0


#1 Easton Wagoner (EW) d. Colby Brooks 9-7

#2 Abram Sparks (EW) d. Shaqeel Lawson 8-2

#3 Ty Cleary (EW) d. Garrett Wishon 8-1

#4 Dylan Ward (EW) d. Jacob Poole 8-0

#5 Andrew Walker (EW) d. Mauricio Lopez 8-1

#6 Chandler Whitaker (EW) d. Larry Bravo 8-5


#1 Nick Wooldredge/Abram Sparks (EW) d. Lawson/Wishon 8-0

#2 Josiah Sparks/Andrew Walker (EW) d. Brooks/Lopez 8-0

#3 Whitaker/Ryan Simpson (EW) d. Poole/Bravo 8-1

Staff Report