Starmount baseball falls in season opener

By Kristian Russell -
Brock Mullins, seen here pitching, hit a solo homerun for the Starmount Rams in the bottom of the second inning. - Kristian Russell | The Tribune

BOONVILLE — On a windy Saturday afternoon, the Starmount Rams opened up their 2018 baseball season against cross-county rivals, Forbush. Things looked to be going Starmount’s way after the second inning, but the Falcons had a different idea. Forbush took a 15-5 win over the Rams in a seven-inning game.

Forbush was able to jump into action in the top of the first inning, as the Falcons took a 1-0 lead. Jacob Shore was walked as the first batter for the Falcons. The second batter up was Blake Winebarger, who found a hard hit ground ball for a single that advanced Shore to second base. Shore was able to steal third base, while Winebarger stole second. With runners in scoring position, Carter Foster hit a hard pop-fly to center field, which was caught by Peyton Mullins. Shore was able to tag up on the play to give Forbush a 1-0 lead.

In the bottom of the first, Starmount went three-up three-down. Peyton Mullins grounded out to second, Jacob Thompson went down swinging, and Patrick Usher popped out to second. In the top of the second, the Falcons repeated the Rams as they also went three-up three-down. Wesley Wood popped out to third, Tanner Gregory grounded out to shortstop and Landreth Cockerham popped out to left field.

After one and a half innings, the score was sitting 1-0 in Forbush’s favor. Things would take a turn for the Rams in the bottom of the second, as Brock Mullins headed to the plate. On a 0-1 count, Mullins was able to send the ball flying over the left field fence for a solo home-run that tied the game 1-1. The rest of the second inning went on as Ryan Tulbert was walked, and the next three batters went three-up three-down.

The top of the third inning saw Forbush take the lead back as Carter Foster had a sacrifice fly to center field, which brought Trevor Cain in to score. The Falcons continued scoring runs in the top of the fourth as Wesley Wood stole home for a 3-1 Forbush lead. With no outs and runners on second and third, Cain popped out to center field. Tanner Gregory was able to tag up to score another run for the Falcons to make the score 4-1. The Falcons were not done scoring runs in the fourth inning, as the bases were loaded and Cockerham found his way across the plate. After three and a half, Forbush had a 5-1 lead over the Rams.

Starmount was able to pull within two runs after the fourth inning was completed. Usher was able to round third and make his way home off of a hit by Jason Hernandez. Two batters later, Hernandez was able to score as Dillon Draughn singled to right field. The Rams had two runs cross the plate to make the score 5-3 after four innings.

In the fifth and sixth innings, Forbush turned up its momentum as it scored six runs and held the Rams to zero runs. The fifth inning saw Wood, Gregory and Shore make it across the plate for the Falcons. The sixth inning saw Derek Jayson, Alex Boyles and Wood make it across the plate to give Forbush a 13-3 lead over the Rams.

Starmount knew it would have to score at least one run for the game to continue, and the Rams did just that. In the bottom of the sixth inning, Trey Dezern and Hernandez were able to score off of a Dawson Smith single. Starmount put up two runs for a 13-5 game at the end of the sixth.

As the final inning approached, Forbush put up two more runs as Wood hit a hard ball into right field, which brought Foster and Ryan Coe around the bases. Forbush was able to take a 15-5 lead heading into the bottom of the seventh inning. The Rams were able to load the bases in the bottom of the inning, but they couldn’t find their way home. After all was said and done, Forbush handed the Rams their first loss of the season, 15-5.

Ryan Tulbert started things off on the mound for the Rams as he pitched four innings, had two strikeouts, seven walks and seven runs. Brock Mullins pitched one inning, he had two walks and three runs. Trey Dezern closed out the game by pitching two innings, with four strikeouts and six runs.

Peyton Winebarger pitched four innings for the Falcons, during which he had seven strikeouts, four walks and three runs. Jack Logan pitched 2.1 innings for Forbush, in which he had six strikeouts, three walks and two runs. Blake Winebarger closed out the game with two strikeouts and allowed zero runs.

Brock Mullins, seen here pitching, hit a solo homerun for the Starmount Rams in the bottom of the second inning. Mullins, seen here pitching, hit a solo homerun for the Starmount Rams in the bottom of the second inning. Kristian Russell | The Tribune

By Kristian Russell