Letter to the editor

To the editor,

In this day and age, it is not often that we speak of community coming before self, it is also common knowledge that, as a whole, we look towards ourselves rather that the best interest of the less fortunate in our community. This year’s Toys for Tots campaign was the most rewarding in the years that we have been collecting toys for the children in need in our county. We the “Marine Corps League” are grateful for each of our citizens who chose to donate a toy or money for some child in need. You chose to put community before self and helped a child in need during Christmas. This act was truly an unselfish act of kindness and shows the true spirit of the citizens of this great community.

To the business leaders in our community, both large and small, who donated the space to put out our collection boxes and provided the necessary warehouse facility, we, the “Marine Corps League” Thank YOU for helping us make this past Christmas better for our children of our community, we humbly wish to thank you for your kindness. We were given this opportunity by you for without you little of this could have happened. Because of you this Year the Surry County Toys for Tots program collected 8,746 toys and served 1,639 children.

This is why Surry County is a great place to live and to work. Each citizen should be proud of this community effort.

Semper Fi,

Debbie King

Toys for Tots coordinator

Marine Corps League Detachment 1322