Individuality celebrated with independence

By Beanie Taylor -
Beanie Taylor -

Today is the day we celebrate our independence.

Actually, it’s more like the day we go to festivals and fireworks and have food and fun with friends and family.

Although we might well up when we hear the national anthem, there are not likely to be many conversations about the importance of this day or how significant the people of this area were to getting to this point.

Before moving here I knew the Battle of Kings Mountain, and this place is from where many of those people came.

That battle is a perfect example of The United States of America: A group of independently-minded individuals joined together for a specific cause which was intended to better not only their own personal interests, but something greater than themselves.

When we talk about independently-minded individuals I imagine they were like my uncle who refused to complete his house when he realized he was going to have to give the government more money.

It takes a mighty lot of stubbornness to live uncomfortably for over 40 years just to make a point. It took a good bit to cross to Kings Mountain, too.

On this American Independence Day, I think about my uncle and the people like him who, although they support our government, have never done so blindly.

Like the Mountain Men, they stand up for the battles they believe in, and then quietly go back to their lives behaving according to the standards for which they fought.

Those standards were as unique for those who fought the battle of Kings Mountain as they are for those who fought in Korea or Kuwait.

That one battle is a culmination of all those unique reasons coming together behind a single cause that embraces individuality.

The United States of America.

All over the country today, people will gather together. Groups of family, friends, communities, even the nation itself will recognize the holiday celebrating in a variety of ways, closing in fireworks.

It will be easy for me to remember to take time today to recognize the sacrifices that started under our feet at Elkin Municipal Park as I share the story with my youngest goddaughter and her family who are visiting, but I hope that you also remember the men whose feet trod that path that led us to today.

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Beanie Taylor Taylor

By Beanie Taylor