New status leads to Explore Elkin intervention

By Beanie Taylor -
Beanie Taylor -

There are friends, I have discovered, who are happy that I am single, which is leading to a new opportunity at Elkin events.

They are certainly not happy for the divorce that led to me being single, but they are happy to know that they are no longer alone.

These are not necessarily folks who are lonely or mind being alone, but people who want to go out but don’t feel comfortable doing it by themselves.

I am uniquely lucky.

My job has put me in a position where I can go almost anywhere around town and know at least one person. Chances are good I know anywhere from a quarter of the room to all but a few people.

Because of what I do for a living, I attend almost everything for at least a little while, which makes it nice for other people when I am single and not rushing home.

These particular folks know that they can find me pretty easily if they want to go see some live music or have a bite to eat downtown, so it’s an opportunity for them to do so as well without being alone.

Because it doesn’t matter how confident you are, sometimes being alone in a crowd is no fun. Because sometimes you just want to talk to another human being without it being through technology. Because sometimes you know you need to not be alone.

And because some of us recognize this, we have decided to put together an impromptu group for local events.

Explore Elkin would like to invite others to join the first Singles Mingle event at the June Block Party from 5 to 8 p.m. on June 16.

Bring a chair to the front of Gypsy Princess on West Main Street to join others to make new friends.

Expect to see the Single Mingle group at all Explore Elkin activities and other events throughout the community.

One more reason to love the region is the way people continue to try to connect.

Beanie Taylor is a staff reporter for The Tribune. She can be reached at 336-258-4058 or on Facebook at

Beanie Taylor Taylor

By Beanie Taylor