Observations, change leads to choosing path

By Beanie Taylor - beanietaylor@elkintribune.com
Beanie Taylor -

It can be tough to say goodbye.

When you look back at over a decade spent in the companionship of another, it can be overwhelming to know they will no longer be present for daily rituals.

There will be no more extra encouragement on Monday mornings to get the week started.

Tuesdays will be terrible without bumping into those familiar faces in the halls.

When you look up from the computer on Wednesday to ask for input and realize your friend is not sitting with you, the week tends to get a little longer.

Although the weekend is near, Thursday’s meal will lose its flavor without that familiar conversation.

Friday will be an entirely different adventure especially for those who packed up and left home.

Not everyone leaving to start the next phase of their life will wait until fall.

While many young people will be out spending the summer captivating the last of those marvelous memories known as high school, some will venture out before the season really even starts.

Whether you are headed off to college, moving on to some other great adventure or staying behind for a fresh experience at home, I wish you all the happiness, hope and health that I would wish for my own family.

Because every turn in the road leads to new possibilities no matter who is doing the driving.

Beloved friends who are leaving and the loved ones who are staying behind both have the opportunity to make a fresh start; to make the changes that will lead them in the direction they hope to move towards.

Children may be headed off to an education they hope will lead to a financially-fruitful future, meanwhile some parents will be sitting at home trying to remember who they were before children.

Somewhere someone prepares to drive off into the sunrise while another prepares to make a new life in darkness.

We are all observers along the same highway, no matter our mode of transportation or speed, dependent on the momentum of those around us to keep us from crashing.

We pace ourselves to others near us, often changing course according to the flow of traffic forgetting we command our own car.

Don’t be afraid to follow a new road or to follow roads well loved.

This wild spring has held many surprises, closing roads and filling people of all ages and directions with trepidation and longing for change.

Summer is presenting a new road ahead. How will you choose to change your course?

Beanie Taylor is a staff reporter for The Tribune. She can be reached at 336-258-4058 or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TBeanieTaylor.

Beanie Taylor
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By Beanie Taylor