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By Ola K. Norman - For The Tribune

Colbey Foster was honored at Old Roaring River Baptist Church last Sunday for being Junior Firefighter of the Year at Traphill Fire Department. Keep up the good work, Colbey!

Lots of folks like to play Bingo this time of year. You can play at the Traphill Fire Department on Saturday after enjoying a bowl of homemade soup, beginning at 5:30 p.m. Go out and support our great fire department.

Get well wishes go to Alice Pruitt, who fell and broke her foot last week.

Condolences go to the family of Henry Blevins, who died on Jan. 13.

Happy birthday wishes go to Wendy Porter on Jan. 16; Danielle Dunn and Mark Wood on Jan. 17; Abigail Vance on Jan. 18; Martha Emma Myers on Jan. 19; Mack Kennedy on Jan. 20; and Eddie Joe Dancy and Gaithina Hall on Jan. 21.

Traphill had a low temperature of 16.8 degrees on Jan. 8 and a high temperature of 61.5 degrees on Jan. 12. There was 1.7 inches of rain during the week of Jan. 8-14.

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By Ola K. Norman

For The Tribune