Celebrating self, service new year

By Beanie Taylor - beanietaylor@elkintribune.com
Beanie Taylor -

In the next few weeks there will be a multitude of suggestions about ways to improve your life.

Hopefully these methods will be more about long-lasting improvements and not just the first of this year’s fads.

People will start new diets and exercise programs, some of which will actually be based on science, while others will be taken up because of some celebrity.

Here’s to a new year of all celebrities, of all genres from sports and politics to film and family, taking their influence seriously and striving towards a better world more than bettering their own lives.

With the recent disturbances in world and national news, many people will start the new year with a pledge to get more involved. For some that may mean becoming politically active, while for others it will be making an effort to be more environmentally aware.

Here’s to a new year of being more aware of everything around us, from the atmosphere we breathe to the atmosphere we create and the time and effort it can take to do those things more often than we may admit.

By the time we get that space between Christmas and new year when we can take a moment to look back over the past year, we have gotten at least slightly out of sync with our watch and our wallet. Chances are we spent more money on the holiday than we had planned and not enough time with the people we had hoped.

Here’s to a new year of appreciating the treasure that is time and people, and working smarter so our treasuries are better balanced.

When we are out of balance, we are fortunate to be in a place where we can seek our guidance in individual ways. Some people will make a New Year’s resolution to be more active in their church where they can serve God, while others will pledge to spend more time on the trails communing with the Great Creator.

Here’s to a new year creating moments to recognize the miracles that are our lives.

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Beanie Taylor
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By Beanie Taylor