Tribune publication change may be hard but will be good

By Beanie Taylor -
Beanie Taylor -

Change is hard, especially when it impacts an entire community.

It’s fortunate that the first of the year is a time of expected change. People talk about changing their lifestyles whether it is figuring out how to maintain a healthier body, mind, spirit or banking account.

I don’t know about other people, but I like to think of the first of the year as a time to re-organize. I want to start Jan. 1 with some of those little details in place that I know I have let slide.

With my first full year at The Tribune under my belt, I felt a little more prepared for the next calendar year. So prepared in fact that I actually had my calendar filled out.

There are certain types of stories that I have touched on or didn’t even get time for that I feel are important. They were so important that I added them to my calendar, which was a gift to begin with, to make sure that they were included on specific publication dates.

We just found out those publication dates are changing. We all just found out those publication dates are changing.

With truly only a few more days then you have had to think about it, I have been considering what this change will mean.

Other than sitting down with a fresh calendar because two-thirds of what I have based my thought patterns on for the past year has changed.

Then I think about those of you who have been here for decades, your whole lives, and even generations. This change is so much bigger than me and my sad little calendar.

Change is hard, especially when it impacts an entire community.

Even if you don’t read the newspaper, your world is impacted by it. Chances are good that any event you have been to is in the newspaper if only in the church or community calendar. That’s one of those specific things that I personally think is better in the printed version than online.

If you want to know what’s going on in the greater community I recommend our website. At you can find out what bands are playing in Winston-Salem and beyond, but if you want to know what’s happening Wednesday in Ronda, you will want to have The Tribune in your hand.

Of course, the calendar is only as good as the information we are given. If you have an event going on, send the details to to be included in the church or community calendar.

Because we are a community newspaper, and we reflect our environment.

That’s one of the reasons I think our paper is a good paper. The things that we are able to cover have mostly been wonderful moments when our community excelled.

From historical moments when independent individuals gathered together to march for a cause greater than themselves, to recent gatherings of giving individuals who emphasize the environment or feed bodies and spirits, through the future of the children who keep these characteristics alive the stories we present is exactly what makes The Tribune worth holding close.

A one-day-a-week paper will simply be more of the community to treasure at once, but like Santa Claus we will always be around.

In our case, it will be at, where you will always find us with current news briefs. Remember Paul Harvey? Just look for that newspaper on Wednesdays where you will find the rest of the story.

It hasn’t been easy, getting used to the technological age and how we do things, but this technology definitely connects us much better, allowing us to continue to be part of a community no matter where we live or visit.

Change is hard, especially when it impacts an entire community.

Being connected to a community is important. Recently one of our readers brought in a treasure she found from her uncle’s service during World War II. In a letter home he referred to his eagerness to receive his copies of The Tribune while sitting in a hospital in Paris recovering from injuries due to shrapnel.

In the dreariness of the day after Christmas in war, it was handling the newspaper, our newspaper, that gave him comfort from home with those most treasured letters.

The Tribune is a community newspaper just as it has always been. You are its contributors as well as its readers, whether you submit news items and photos to, submit a letter to the editor at or you attend a local meeting or event where you meet a staff member.

The Tribune will continue to change to reflect the community it serves, offering information in formats both consistent with the times, as well as respectful of the past.

Change is hard, especially when it impacts an entire community, but change can be good.

Beanie Taylor is a staff reporter for The Tribune. She can be reached at 336-258-4058 or on Facebook at

Beanie Taylor Taylor

By Beanie Taylor