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By Ola K. Norman - For The Tribune

Congratulations to Kolbey Foster for being named junior firefighter of the year at The Traphill Fire Department. Other awards went to Brian McDaniel as firefighter of the year, Dennis McDaniel as first responder of the year, Avery Blevins for most calls of the year, and Dennis Slusher with the most training hours of the year. Thank you to all the firemen who volunteer to keep our community safe.

Adam Collins will be preaching at Garden Creek Baptist Church on Jan. 7 at 9 a.m., weather permitting. If the Stone Mountain State Park is closed, there will be no service.

Condolences go to the family of Joanna Benge Simons, who died on Dec. 8. She will be greatly missed by all that knew her.

Happy birthday wishes go to Bill Joines and Julia Trivette on Dec. 18; Andrew Dimmette on Dec. 19; Wesley Joines, Jesse Kennedy, Chris Brown and Chelsea Barnes on Dec. 20; Nolan Grace Gregory and Gaithina Hall on Dec. 21; Amy Hawkins, Carol J. Kennedy, Dalton Jessup and Brad Brown on Dec. 22; Garrett Fender, Rachel Fender and Hobert Johnson on Dec. 23; and Hilda Cleary on Dec. 24.

Happy anniversary wishes go to Karen and Don Caudill, who celebrated their 44th anniversary on Dec. 15; David and Ivadene Leatherman, who celebrated their 51st anniversary on Dec. 16; Mary and Richard Harris, who celebrate their 54th anniversary on Dec. 19; Melissa and Adam Collins, who celebrate their 19th anniversary on Dec. 19; Jackie and Maxine McGrady, who celebrate their 31st anniversary on Dec. 20; Bonnie and Danny Butcher, who celebrate their 48th anniversary on Dec 20; Sylvia and Steve Holbrook, who celebrate their 49th anniversary on Dec. 21; Penny and Chris Pruitt, who celebrate their 25th anniversary on Dec. 22; Sheila and Lester Sidden, who celebrate their 44th anniversary on Dec. 22; Ella Mae and Linvel Sparks, who celebrate their 59th anniversary on Dec. 23; Shelby and Billy Lyon, who celebrate their 62nd anniversary on Dec. 23; Mary and Dewey Shelton, who celebrate their 50th anniversary on Dec. 23; Doris and Sam Cox, who celebrate their 55th anniversary on Dec. 23; Amanda and Dennis Atkinson, who celebrate their 30th anniversary on Dec. 23; and Shirley and Bud Sparks, who celebrate their 60th anniversary on Dec. 24.

Traphill had a low temperature of 25.1 degrees on Dec. 11 and a high temperature of 53.6 degrees on Dec. 14. There was just a dusting of snow during the week of Dec. 11-17.

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By Ola K. Norman

For The Tribune