Elkins residents presented with opportunity for Primal Scream Therapy

By Beanie Taylor - beanietaylor@elkintribune.com

Beanie Taylor

On Saturday, downtown Elkin will host an event that is not only unusual for the town, but, for many, unexpected and maybe even unwanted.

Even some of us who anticipate the event gladly are apprehensive because of the nature of specific aspects.

Whereas almost everyone can get behind the family-friendly beginning of Cycle Jam with a Kids Zone and stunt cyclists, it is the heavy metal ending that has us worried.

As a matter of full disclosure, I like heavy metal music. It is because of this that I am concerned about the possible lyrics more than anything. I have expressed my concerns openly, including with a member of one of the bands.

The truth is I seriously doubt anyone is even going to be able to actually understand the words, but I don’t want people visiting my town to hear someone screaming about disrespecting the police or their parents. Some cussing and general dissent and dissatisfaction may be tolerable.

That tolerance is born from understanding that sometimes, especially as a young person, you just need to scream.

There is even a therapeutic theory called Primal Screaming that agrees that some people need to be loud and obnoxious occasionally, and in a safe environment, to release some of the aggravation they hide when they are out in the real world.

I can’t believe I studied that hard and only got a C. Grrr.

I finally made first chair and the new kid just took it. Grrrrr!

I’m just trying to decide on what college and they want me to choose a career? Arg.

How can they expect me to praise God when there is all this sorrow in the world? Argg!

Why can’t anyone do anything to stop people from shooting one another? Argghhh!

This might be exactly the time to show a little tolerance, understanding that sometimes, you just need to be loud and let it all out.

Beanie Taylor is a staff reporter for The Tribune. She can be reached at beanietaylor@elkintribune.com, 336-258-4058 or on Twitter @TBeanieTaylor.

Beanie Taylor
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By Beanie Taylor


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