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Saying he wants to see elected leaders who “put people before politics,” a local businessman has announced he will be seeking the Republican nomination for the 90th District seat in the North Carolina House of Representatives.

Allen Poindexter, 40, said on Friday he will be looking to unseat fellow Republican Rep. Sarah Stevens, who is in her fifth term in the House.

This is Poindexter’s second forway into politics. He unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination for the Mount Airy seat on the Surry County Board of Commissioners in 2016, a five-way race won by Larry Johnson in the March 2016 primary. Poindexter came in last with 6 percent of the vote.

Poindexter said he’s running for the legislative seat because he doesn’t believe the interests of those people living in the 90th district, which includes Surry County, are being met.

“I don’t want to run a mudslinging campaign, Sarah has done a lot of good things, but some of the things Sarah has voted on is against my morals and my beliefs.”

He specifically cited HB2, the house bill that, among other things, specifically make it illegal for individuals to use public restrooms that did not correspond to their birth sex. Stevens voted in favor of HB2, but earlier this year voted in favor of its repeal, with the bill being replaced by a new law.

HB2 not only made it illegal for individuals to use public restrooms that did not correspond with the gender on their birth certificate, it also banned cities from instituting local minimum wages higher than the federal wage of $7.25 an hour; it prohibited individuals from suing in state court for workplace discrimination; and it prohibited local governments from requiring contractors to offer their employees health insurance and other benefits while working on public projects.

The new bill, HB142, repealed HB2. However, it still prohibits local governments from passing laws regarding public restroom access, leaving those regulations in the hands of the state legislature.

Poindexter said he takes issue with the repeal.

“I don’t like any of it. I believe a person, whatever sex they were born with, that’s the bathroom they should go with. … I think that (HB2 repeal) opens the doors to predators or sex offenders, that gives them an excuse to go into the the restroom of the opposite sex.”

The candidate said he also doesn’t believe Stevens stays close enough to the local Republican party and the people who voted her in office.

“The only times she comes around the Republican headquarters is basically when it’s election time, and I’ve been very active with the party, and I just want to represent the people and what those people stand for.”

Another component of his campaign is parental rights, Poindexter said.

“I’d like to do something, make legislation to reform family law. I think a lot of other states are coming on board for parents to have equal rights.”

Poindexter said the court system often sides with women when it comes to custody battles, though he’s not advocating for fathers to have more rights than mothers.

“I believe parents should have equal opportunities with their kids. I think as long as both parents are suitable to raise their kids, I think they ought to have equal rights.”

Earlier this year, Poindexter filed a lawsuit against Stevens and some other parties on behalf of a local man, Neal Shelton, who claimed Stevens got him arrested in order to win a divorce and child-custody battle.

Poindexter, who owns and manages his own graphic arts firm, said he’s still in the early stages of his campaign. He hasn’t yet filed his paperwork with the local board of elections, nor has he selected a campaign manager. He has developed a Facebook page for the campaign, and has begun planning campaign events.

“I’ll be in the (Mount Airy Christmas) parade, and afterward I’ll have a meet and greet at Page’s Bookstore.”

Despite being in those early stages, the candidate said people are responding to his campaign.

“I’m getting more support than I thought I would at this point. It’s been overwhelming,” he said. “I guess people are tired of this wishy-washiness. … People are tired of politics as they are.”

The primary is scheduled for May 8. Poindexter can be reached at allen4nchouse2018@gmail.com.


By John Peters


Reach John at 415-4701.

Reach John at 415-4701.