STEAM Newsletter for parents published

Number 1-Volume 1 of the STEAM Newsletter for Parents was released the first week of November by Elkin City Schools. The STEAM Newsletter for Parents is intended to better inform parents of the many STEAM projects and activities going on in the Pre-K through Grade 12 classrooms each day.

It will provide information about a STEAM-focused education and the impact it will have on students being better prepared for college and careers. The newsletter also will provide parents with information on how they can get involved with their child’s STEAM education both in the classroom and at home.

According to STEAM Administrative Facilitator and Elkin Elementary School Principal Pam Colbert, “The STEAM Newsletter for Parents will provide parents an insight into the everyday activities and projects in our school classrooms. It will provide parents with information on how they can better assist their child with exploring areas of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics so that they can better choose their child’s college and career pathways. Parents will become more excited each day as they view the positive changes that have been made in our schools due to STEAM and PBL. They will be able to read in our newsletter about our students and teachers and how they are more engaged than ever in curriculum lessons that are applicable to the real world.”

Dr. Randy Bledsoe, superintendent of Elkin City Schools, commented that one of the major focuses for this school year is to help parents better understand the STEAM infused program. “The past two years our staff has been focused on how STEAM can be integrated into the various grade levels and curriculum programs; how each teacher has identified what a STEAM infused education means to his/her teaching and in developing more classroom activities that engage students in his/her learning. In our analysis, ECS staff and students have been highly successful, and many parents have seen the transformation at school and in their child’s learning. So now it’s time to get ‘every parent’ more involved in a STEAM infused education both inside the classroom and at home. This newsletter will provide insightful information and stories about the many successful lessons taught by our ECS staff at each of our schools and how we are preparing each child for college and careers through a STEAM infused education.”

The STEAM Newsletter for Parents will be published every nine weeks to begin this school year with the hopes parents will want an insightful newsletter publication on a more regular basis in the future. The STEAM Newsletter for Parents will be sent home with every elementary and middle school student this school year. Parents in the high school will have the STEAM Newsletter for Parents available on the ECS website, For more information on a STEAM-infused educational education for every student in Pre-K through Grade 12, contact the principals at Elkin Elementary, Elkin Middle or Elkin High School.