What Christmas Means to me

Elkin Elementary School

Second Grade

Kristy Simmons’ class

Seydi A.

Christmas means happiness. People come and eat dinner with me. We open presents. Christmas means joy to me. I love Christmas!

Madison B.

Christmas means having family and friends over. I like to play with my friends and my presents.

Avaya M.

Christmas means kindness, caring and loving others.

Paisley R.

Christmas means family. We get together and eat turkey. It is Jesus’ birthday. I love Christmas!

Anthony B.

Christmas means it is God’s birthday. At Christmas, your family comes to your house and you have fun. Sometimes we play games.

Shadoe B.

Christmas means you get to play outside in the snow. You can spend time with your family and open gifts. I like Christmas!

Kaylee S.

To me, Christmas is about having fun playing with all of the presents you get. You get to eat cookies and brownies and drink milk. We watch Christmas movies. Christmas is fun!

Victoria M.

Christmas means it is time to spread love. We should pray to Jesus and God. It’s not just all about presents.

Layla M.

Christmas means I get presents and eat breakfast with my family. I get to play with my cousins and go to my dad’s house.

Ella Kate M.

Christmas means sharing time with your family. I like opening presents and finishing the cookies that Santa didn’t eat!

Henry B.

Christmas means God and presents. I like to spend time with my family at Christmas.

Shyla S.

Christmas means love. Christmas is special because of God. I also like getting presents!

Colton R.

Christmas means giving and having a Christmas spirit. It’s about God and having friends and family over.

Brayden B.

Christmas is about when Jesus was born. I like getting presents. Sometimes it is cold outside.

Alex M.

Christmas is all about toys, like drones and remote control cars.

Juan H.

Christmas means alot to me because my family and I get to spend time together. I like to open presents with my family.

Orlando V.

Christmas means that we get presents. We get to play in the snow and make snowmen. We get to go sledding. Christmas is fun!

Sophia H.

Christmas means happiness because Santa gives you presents. You can celebrate Christmas with your family. It is fun decorating the Christmas tree.