Ronda-Clingman Elementary School

Third grade

Tracie Walker’s class

I like Christmas because it is about when Jesus was born. Me and my family go to the beach. I am thankful for the gifts and it is special to me when I get gifts and sing Christmas songs.

Grayson Easter

Christmas means to me that it is about Jesus and not about the gifts or toys. It is about spending time with your family and friends. I stay at home. I love Christmas.

Brylee Reynolds

Christmas means spending time with my family and friends. We have a Christmas play and we eat supper and listen to the story of Jesus birth. Merry Christmas!

Emerson Simmons

At my Grandma’s and my Nana’s house, we have a great Christmas dinner. We are thankful for all the gifts we get each year! We love Christmas.

Caleb Billings

Christmas is my favorite holiday. We get to read about Jesus our Lord. We go eat with my family and we go to church.

Fisher Mathis

Jesus was born on Christmas. I like to celebrate Christmas. I get to go outdoors with my family and sing Christmas songs. Jesus died for our sins and I am thankful for the gifts that I get.

Ryan Carrasco

Christmas means you have to be nice to your cousins, sisters, Mom, Papa, brother. You be kind to each other, not shoving or pinching.

Amiyah Hampton

Christmas means its Jesus birthday, celebrating at church with a Christmas play. We eat together in the fellowship hall and at Mimi’s we watch a movie and open presents. Christmas means to spend time with my family.

Jada Cheek

Christmas means to be happy and celebrate Jesus birthday. Families gather, sing Christmas songs, find the elf in the morning, count down the days, look in stockings, make presents, and open the presents. I love to make cookies and decorate the house with my Mom and Dad.

Rye Dobbins

I like Christmas because it is when Jesus was born and I am thankful for the things that I get. Christmas is so special to me because I get to celebrate with my family.

Tyler Cheek

Christmas is a special tradition because Jesus was born. Christmas is a time of forgiveness and joy. It’s not just about opening presents. You gather around in joy, love, and peace on Christmas.

Trent Cook

Christmas is about Jesus because it was the day he was born. Me and my family spend time together and have fun.

Jordan Hamilton

Christmas is about celebrating Jesus’s birthday, seeing friends and family, going to church, singing carols for Jesus, telling everyone Merry Christmas, and sitting in front of the fire with my family.

Raegan Minton

Christmas is not about presents under the tree and getting that perfect gift. A gift is not important at Christmas. It’s a time for friendship and forgiveness. That is why we all celebrate Christmas.

Thomas Speaks

Christmas is a time to spend with your family, to celebrate Jesus birthday, to sing Christmas carols, to open presents. I like to make a fire in the fireplace at night and get cozy and lazy. We have cake, cookies, chips, books and fun with my new stuff.

Alanna Serralta

I like Christmas breakfast cause its always something good. This year we are acting out the 12 days of Christmas. I am thankful that my family gets together to celebrate. I like opening presents under the tree and seeing what everyone else gets for Christmas.

Kylie Russell

Christmas is about love, family, and Jesus birth. If you be good you can get Christmas presents. Christmas is a good holiday.

La’Bren Mann

I like Christmas because I like to spend time with my family, gives thanks to all, and to celebrate.

Megan Collins

Christmas means getting to spend time and have fun with most of my family. We celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Annastassia Wills

Christmas means loving and caring, kindness to others, and sharing gifts if you have too much. Also giving to people who need it.

Alexis Raum