Jonesville Elementary School

First Grade

Leigh Freed’s class

To me Christmas means opening presents with my family. Santa and mama put presents under the tree. Jesus was born on Christmas. My elf on the shelf comes at Christmas. He sits on stuff. I am glad for God, friends, family, trips and my car.

Lillian Cliar Wood

I can go to the Polar Express and we can get hot chocolate it is good. Also you can be with family and you get presents. I put cookies and milk up for Santa. I bet he likes them. I put my tree up. I love Christmas.

Mason White

Christmas means to me about the presents and Jesus birthday. I love going to Holly Wood and seeing lots of lights. leve cookies and milk for Santa.

Kenzi Spicer

Christmas to me is special and I love it because we celebrate Jesus birth. I also love it because we get to go on trips. We stick with our families and drink hot cocoa and watch Christmas movies.

Emma Aguilar

Christmas is spending time with family. My elf on the shelf comes to stay with us. She watches us to see if we are good. Christmas is Jesus birthday, we decorate our Chrsitmas tree, I get to invite my friends over for a Christmas sleepover party. Sometimes we go to tanglewood.

Zoey Noelle Lewis

I can spend time with my dad! My dad sometimes comes home at Christmas. We drink hot chocolate. It is Jesus b-day!

Willow Azlin Schroder

What Christmas means to me is that we have no school. It is Jesus birthday. I get presents. Sometimes I give my presents to kids that don’t have any toys. I love Christmas.

Will Lavinge

What Christmas means to me! It means Jesus birthday and getting together with family and friends! If you have been good Santa will give you presents but if you have been bad Santa will give you coal!

Bryson Hinshaw

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