EHS freshmen face challenging transition

By Phillip Bell, Rafael Salas, Brett Beaver, Boone Beaver - For The Tribune

The transition of moving from a middle-school student to a high-school student is a pretty big deal, and preparation is necessary. Many freshmen students report feeling overwhelmed in the first semester of high school.

In middle school, teachers expect students to start taking responsibility for their actions, and in high school, teachers expect students to take full responsibility for their actions. Some students are better equipped than others to take on the responsibilities of time management with sports and increased academic demands.

Lisa Pendry, Elkin Middle School principal, said, “We are working hard at the middle school to prepare students for the high-school transition. Part of that preparation includes maintaining a high rigor for academic expectations. We also try to develop their skill set with regard to organization and responsibility.”

A good place to start smoothing the transition between schools could be communication. Pendry said, “We need the information from the ninth-graders in order to address this. It would be great if you created a Google Survey for the ninth-graders with a few questions related to their challenges, and how they think they could be better prepared.”

Freshman Ella Briggs, a former Elkin Middle School student, felt the transition to high school was pretty intimidating. Briggs said, “High school is challenging.”

Briggs explained that she did not really feel prepared for what was expected of her and felt she needed more support as a middle-school student in growing toward advanced expectations. For instance, Briggs said, “Teachers [could] teach students to be more independent on their school work.”

In the end, the issue of working on a solution for better preparing students for the rocky high-school transition is an issue administrators have considered for many years. With communication between staff and students, hopefully the transition of middle to high school can be a less complicated one in the future.

Phillip Bell, Rafael Salas, Brett Beaver, Boone Beaver are English students at Elkin High School.

By Phillip Bell, Rafael Salas, Brett Beaver, Boone Beaver

For The Tribune