Editorial: Should sports injuries end careers?

By Christopher Propst - For The Tribune

In some cases sports injuries can end careers, but “What about a broken leg?” people ask. I broke my leg playing football for Elkin High School a few weeks ago, and I’m already making plans for next season, so a broken leg will not end my career. From my perspective, it just puts it on hold for a little while, but not everyone agrees with my view.

I asked Danielle Wilson, a former EHS student athlete, “If you played a sport and sustained a major injury, would you come back and play the sport, knowing there was a chance of you sustaining another injury of a higher caliber?”

Wilson responded, “It really depends on how much knowledge and wisdom you have about your body and how it reacts to certain things. If I would’ve known that all the injuries I sustained playing high school and college ball would affect me in my adult life, causing me constant pain and strain on my body I wouldn’t have continued to play sports. It all depends on the knowledge you hold about your body.”

Former EHS athlete and graduate, Alton Propst, responded to the question with a different answer closer to my own view. “In high school during my sophomore year I had the same exact injury as you did, Chris, and I was thinking the same things you were thinking: ‘When would I be back? How long until I recover? How will this affect me next season?’ But I never thought of just quitting football.”

For Propst the answer of continuing to play was based on his determination to continue a game he loved and his faith. Propst explained, “God doesn’t put obstacles in our path to see how low we can get; he puts them in our path to see how low we can go and get back up.”

Propst also does not see injuries and setbacks as lacking in value. He commented, “Everything happens for a reason. You just have to know how to keep your head up throughout the rough times.”

I love sports, and I’ve been playing sports since I was 9 years old. I’ve never thought of quitting a sport. Some injuries are career-ending but the one is certainly not. So I’ll be out there playing next year, and you can bet anything on that!

Christopher Propst is an English student at Elkin High School.

By Christopher Propst

For The Tribune

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