Prism hosts Ebenezer Children’s Home for Halloween parade

Staff Report

On Oct. 19, Prism hosted Ebenezer Christian Children’s Home for an afternoon at their corporate offices. Prism’s MPCT Corporate Connections board, which places focus on community outreach, worked hard to plan a costume parade and trick-or-treat event for the children.

The children arrived at Prism’s offices, in costume, and were led through both of their buildings in downtown Elkin, stopping at each cubical and office to receive candy and treat bags from employees. Ebenezer’s was the perfect choice for Prism, especially given Prism’s participation in Christmas at the home, as well as other events organized by Ebenezer’s.

“Being a member of the MPCT Corporate Connections board at Prism, I have been privileged to be able to attend different events with the Ebenezer Christian Children’s Home. This time, MPCT wanted to extend the opportunity to everyone at our corporate office and allow the children to come here to trick-or-treat. We are grateful to have been a part of such a great experience,” said Lindsay Edmonds, organizer of the event.

Prism decked out its offices for Halloween so that the children could have the full trick-or-treat experience and provided Halloween cupcakes for the kids once their costume parade was over.

“Our goal was to bring the joy that we get from giving back to our community to the rest of the people in our office. As a board, and as a company, we are committed to community outreach and it was important to us to provide a special, memorable afternoon for the children,” said Kayla Simpson, member of the Corporate Connections board and volunteer for the event.

Founded in 2006, Prism Medical Products is a third-party supply distributor of durable medical supplies that focuses on wound care, ostomy, and urological products. They receive referrals from a variety of health care providers and supply their patients with needed supplies within 24 hours. Prism then works with the patient’s health insurance plan provider to obtain payment for their supplies, usually resulting in little-to-no out of pocket cost for the patient.

Staff Report

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