Ronda Round Up, clean-up coming

By Beanie Taylor -

RONDA — The Ronda Board of Commissioners returned from its summer break to excitement with citizens speaking out as well as being invited to participate in community events.

In spite of opening August with a return to discussions of ordinances, which continues to cause angry discussions about property ownership and responsibility, the commissioners will invite constitutes to join them at the town hall Sept. 29 where they will be treated to chicken stew complemented by hot dogs for the young and desserts for the young at heart.

Bringing the community together for a social event was initially discussed informally during the budget workshop with those present agreeing they hope such an activity would create cohesiveness and help encourage individuals to feel more personal pride in their town.

One such individual is David Royal, who volunteered to help town officials during the fall clean up when Ronda residents will be able to dispose of items not usually picked up through the regular sanitation program, such as batteries, tires and appliances.

Not all items may be disposed of during this time, such as televisions and computer monitors, any type of gas or propane tanks, 55-gallon drum barrels as well as any containers containing chemicals, paint or any type of hazardous materials.

All items should be to the curb by Oct. 15 with each house stopped at only once.

“Everything will be the same as last year,” said Town Clerk Telesa Carter, “the route, the rules, everything.”

Those rules include separating tires from the wheel and placing them as well as any batteries apart from the rest of the refuse as well as noting that individuals picking up for the town will not be permitted to enter buildings to help remove items.

The route will start with Gollier Street, and proceed to Factory, Oak and Waddell Street off of Factory, Gwyn Street, Caps Mobile Home Park and Buckhorn Lane.

It will then continue with Blackburn and Summit Street, Old Traphill and North Hoots Road, then Maple, Hill Crest, Cemetery, Hickerson, Martin, Ridge, and Lakeview streets.

Collections will end with Shady Rest Mobile Home Park, First, Main, Second, Ferry, Third, Riverside with final pick-ups on Chatham Street by the end of the day on Oct. 19.

For questions and clarifications, call Ronda Town Hall at 336-835-2061.

The next meeting of the Ronda Board of Commissioners will be Oct. 9 at 6 p.m. with a work session the preceding Thursday at 5 p.m.

All meetings are held at the town hall located at 123 Chatham St. and are open to the public.

Beanie Taylor can be reached through voicemail at 336-258-4058.

By Beanie Taylor