Jonesville robbery suspects captured in Virginia

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JONESVILLE — Two men ran through Jonesville Memorial Day weekend allegedly committing a string of illegal activity resulting in their capture and jailing in New River Valley Regional Jail in Dublin, Virginia.

According to Jonesville Police officials, an incident at the Pitstop on May 28 was one of several in a string of robberies that crossed at least three states.

At about 8:43 p.m., police received a report of a robbery in progress; however, when Capt. Scotty Vestal and the patrol officers arrived at the location on U.S. 21 at exit 79, the suspects had fled.

With witness descriptions, officers were able to discover the suspects had been likely involved in other recent illegal incidents.

“We learned during the process of entering all the information into the computers that there had also been an armed robbery matching the same description of the suspects as well as the vehicle in Charlotte,” said Interim Administrative Chief Dane Mastin.

“This kind of stacked backwards for us,” said Mastin, explaining that the Jonesville Police learned of the incident in the Charlotte area whose police learned about an incident in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

“They had found out during the course of that [investigation] that the vehicle that they were operating had actually been stolen and they had victimized the owner of a carjacking. They pistol whipped him, took him to an ATM machine to withdraw money and took his vehicle from him there,” said Mastin.

The spree continued until the suspects were apprehended in Roanoke County, Virginia, following a chase.

“They had attempted to rob a store [off Exit 86 on Interstate 81], but an officer was in the area very close,” said Mastin.

“I understand from Wythe County that it went all the way to Roanoke. They pursued them for about 60 miles. They threw out spike strips somewhere around about the 40-mile range and they ran on the rims of that car for 20 miles until they wrecked into median.”

It was at that point that the three suspects, Christyen Elijah Sumpter, Michael Anthony Wilson and Parla Isel Pineda Oserio, were apprehended.

“The suspects were from Sarasota, Florida, so there’s a possibility that there’s other stuff that has happened from there to Orangeburg, South Carolina, that we don’t know of,” said Mastin.

Now being held in the New River Valley Regional Jail in Dublin, the suspects are likely to remain in Virginia until charges are filed and time is served there before being transported to another state in order to most efficiently use funds as well as for community safety; however, the process is worked out by prosecutors and governors of each state involved.

“Our charges are pending in that they are awaiting extradition from Virginia,” said Mastin.

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By Beanie Taylor