Ordinances, water, derelict property all points of contention in Ronda

By Beanie Taylor - beanietaylor@elkintribune.com

RONDA — Dissension returned to Ronda with respect and laughter during the May board of commissioners meeting.

Commissioner Manual Wood claimed to be prepared to give his entire night in service to the town as he voted against adjourning the meeting. He also voted during the meeting against a proposal to study water tank issues as well as untabling several ordinances.

Wood did not seem to simply be contrary as he explained why he voted against the items.

Of primary concern for the water study are the resources that would be pulled from the town by serving those outside of its limits.

“Where will it end,” asked Wood. “If you keep on going, you’re going to have to get a way big huge [water tank] to cover all of these residences.”

In spite of Wood’s concern, the board voted that a study should be done to determine if it is more fiscally responsible to repair the current system or to replace it, and if so, using what methods.

The study also would investigate the cost and benefits of expanding water to several locations as per request including nearby C.B. Eller Elementary School and the Pleasant Hill area.

Of continued concern are several properties that have been neglected and even used as dumping sites; however, civil liberties and fairness are a concern for all parties.

“There’s two residences on Highway 268 and a church building,” said Wood, “they’re falling down, they’re falling in. Some of them’s got roofs on them. Ain’t nobody been in them for 70 years and I can’t understand, we complain about trash, why don’t we do something about stuff like that.”

Mayor Victor Varela requested addresses for the properties as well as assistance to determine possible actions that may be pursued.

This has been part of the ongoing drama of the town ordinances. With no one to enforce them, some commissioners feel it is a waste of time to discuss them, while others feel that there are already county guidelines in place that encompasses Ronda’s needs.

“This is one of the reasons we need to look at these,” said consultant Ron Niland with All-American Associates, observing that the ordinances would be in place when neighborly requests failed to get results.

The ordinances are expected to be on the agenda for the August meeting because the public hearing for the town budget will take place during the next meeting starting at 6 p.m. on June 12.

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By Beanie Taylor