Elkin City Schools selects make-up schedule, adopts 2018-19 calendar

By Wendy Byerly Wood - wbyerly-wood@elkintribune.com

The school calendar was adjusted Monday night to allow for make-up hours following Elkin students missing three days last week for inclement weather. A 2018-19 school calendar also was adopted during the Elkin City Schools Board of Education meeting.

Elkin’s school system is designed to meet the required number of hours each year by law, 1,025, rather than the required number of days, 180.

Allison Moxley, human resources director, presented a proposal to make-up the missed hours from Jan. 17-19’s snow days, as well as hours missed for early dismissals and late starts in December and January.

To get the school system back to the required 1,025 minimum, the school board approved the following changes to the 2017-18 school year:

• Feb. 8 will now be a full day of class, rather than an early dismissal;

• Feb. 9 will be a full day of class, rather than a required workday;

• March 8 will be a full day of class, with no early dismissal;

• March 9 will be an early dismissal day, with the afternoon being used for professional development instead of all day;

• April 13 will be a full day of class, with no early dismissal;

• May 4 will be a full day of class, with no early dismissal.

“Since we’re not going to have anymore bad weather, this is probably the last change,” Moxley said jokingly as she presented the calendar changes. “We did have to add on optional teacher workdays at the end of the year, because teachers have to work 215 days.”

The last day of classes is June 8, with teacher workdays June 11-15 and June 18-19.

The school board unanimously approved the changes to the calendar year.

Moxley also came back to the board with more feedback on the two proposed calendars for the 2018-19 school year.

During the December meeting of the school board, there was some feedback provided from a survey suggesting some people may want spring break the week prior to Easter instead of the week following the holiday. So two calendars, one with spring break from April 19 and April 22-26 and the other with the break from April 15-19 and April 22, were sent back out for feedback again.

Moxley said 59 responses were received, and of those, 78 percent preferred the calendar with spring break after Easter, the first calendar option. Also, 79 percent asked to move an optional teacher workday on Dec. 20 to Jan. 2, which also was in the first calendar option.

One concern the school board had with the proposals was how late second semester will start, Jan. 23, because of the New Year’s holiday being during the week on a Tuesday, which threw Martin Luther King Jr. holiday to Jan. 21. Board member Jane Riley noted that this year Elkin was lucky to have already ended exams prior to the snow last week, while other school systems were dealing with moving exams.

Also, Moxley said the school system may qualify for a winter weather waiver from the state, allowing them to start school a week or two earlier, if at least eight days are missed during the present school year.

The school board unanimously adopted the first calendar option, with the following details:

• Aug. 20, teachers return to school;

• Aug. 27, first day for students;

• Sept. 3, holiday;

• Sept. 20-21, early dismissal on 20th and professional development on 21st;

• Oct. 26, early dismissal;

• Oct. 29, required workday;

• Nov. 12, holiday;

• Nov. 21-22, Thanksgiving break;

• Dec. 20, early dismissal;

• Dec. 21-Jan. 2, Christmas break;

• Jan. 18, early dismissal;

• Jan. 21-22, holiday;

• Feb. 14-15, early dismissal on 14th and required workday on 15th;

• March 14-15, early dismissal on 14th and professional development on 15th;

• March 25, required workday

• April 19, 22-26, spring break;

• May 10, early dismissal;

• May 27, holiday;

• June 6, early dismissal for last day of school;

• June 7, 10-14, workdays.

Wendy Byerly Wood may be reached at 336-258-4035 or on Twitter @wendywoodeditor.

By Wendy Byerly Wood