Elkin commissioners support mini-roundabout plan for downtown intersection

By Wendy Byerly Wood - wbyerly-wood@elkintribune.com

One of Elkin’s downtown intersections may be getting a roundabout rather than a stop sign if funding at the state level is approved for the project, which was formally supported by the town commissioners Monday night.

Dean Ledbetter, Division 11 project team lead for North Carolina Department of Transporation, brought the proposal to the town for consideration of its support during Monday’s monthly Elkin Board of Commissioners meeting.

The mini-roundabout at the Church and North Bridge streets intersection was in the initial plans by NCDOT for repaving and restructuring of North Bridge Street through downtown, which is expected sometime this year.

Due to funding being cut at the state level for some NCDOT work, Ledbetter said the roundabout, which was one of three initially proposed, was removed before changes were proposed to the town in 2017 and replaced with a stop sign where northbound traffic on Church Street meets North Bridge Street.

Only the roundabout at Church Street has been added back into the construction plans, Ledbetter said, after the intersection was identified as a top priority for some new funding that has been allocated by the Legislature to NCDOT projects.

The rest of the roadwork planned, which includes taking Bridge Street from four lanes to two lanes with a center turn lane and adding bike lanes through downtown, will entail making the intersections at Market, Main and Spring streets four-way stops and other intersections two-way stops.

Ledbetter said, while NCDOT doesn’t require the town support, he was coming to the commissioners asking for a resolution in support of the mini-roundabout. He explained the project would not require funding from the town, unless it wanted to add some extra landscaping, and noted that the roundabout would be mountable so that tractor-trailers could easily manage it without shifting their loads.

The commissioners, with Commissioner Skip Whitman absent, unanimously adopted a resolution supporting the project.

By Wendy Byerly Wood