Pinnacle to be architect

By Wendy Byerly Wood -

An architectural firm has been chosen to begin the gym construction project at Elkin High School, with a contract required to be to the county office by Jan. 2, 2018.

Pinnacle Architecture out of Matthews was ranked as the top pick by those on a selection committee for the school system. The architect selection committee included Finance Director Jan Zachary, Technology Director Britt Shaw, EHS Principal Joel Hoyle, Elkin Middle Principal Lisa Pendry, Superintendent Dr. Myra Cox, Athletic Director Tony Duncan, school board member Frank Beals and Maintenance Director John Altemueller.

During the Elkin City Schools Board of Education meeting, Cox explained the process leading to the committee’s selection of Pinnacle.

On Aug. 3, Altemueller sent out a request for qualifications to a number of architectural firm, and received responses from three — Pinnacle, Architectural Design Associates in Clemmons and Boomerang Design in Shelby, which had met with the board during its retreat in March.

“They were sent to the selection committee and meetings were held to discuss the firms’ qualifications and how they would mesh with our needs,” Cox said.

Each committee member was asked to rank them, and the group unanimously ranked them in the same order, with Pinnacle Architecture as the top pick and Architectural Design Associates second. Those top two were then brought in for an interview, and afterward a second ranking revealed the committee again unanimously chose Pinnacle Architecture.

On Dec. 5, the day following the school board meeting during which the board members were informed of the process, an expanded architect design committee was scheduled to meet with Pinnacle Architecture to go over the school system’s needs and wants, Cox said.

The design committee includes Altemueller, Zachary, Shaw, Cox, Hoyle, Pendry, Duncan, Assistant Athletic Director Nick Tomlin, Chief Academic Officer Cynthia Altemueller, Exceptional Children’s Director Tracee McManus, Elkin Assistant Town Manager and Director of Parks and Recreation Adam McComb and school board member Richard Brinegar.

Cox said there are a few key items which must be addressed in the design of the new structure, one of which is bringing the gym up to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance for the gym-level of the existing gymnasium building including finding a way to put concessions and bathrooms on the gym level.

She said other items in the design will be upgrading of locker rooms, student health classes and other needs the facility has.

Pinnacle Architecture, by the end of the calendar year, will submit a preliminary schedule of work as well as a contract.

Elkin City Schools “will take a contract from them,” Cox said. “Fred [Johnson, school board attorney] has worked with Pinnacle before, and said there are few modifications they’ve had to make on past contracts.”

Once the contract is submitted, Johnson will review it and the school board will review it via email so it can be presented to the county government, which is funding the design phase of the construction project, by Jan. 2. The contract will be on the Elkin school board’s Jan. 22 agenda for formal approval.

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Matthews-based firm to design gym addition at Elkin High School

By Wendy Byerly Wood