Rotary Club to hold traditional New Year’s meal

By Beanie Taylor -

The Yadkin Valley Rotary Club will hold its annual scholarship fundraiser at the Elkin First Methodist Church on New Year’s Day.

Starting at noon, members of the Rotary club with assistance from members of the Elkin High School Interact Club will greet guests at 340 Hawthorne Road in Elkin.

“I’m not from the south,” said Rotary member and chief bottle-washer for the event, Ron Ashman, “so I didn’t grow up with this, but from what I understand the country ham, collard greens and black-eyed peas and dessert are traditional for the south.”

According to Southern Living, eating these dishes on New Year’s Day will bring good luck and fortune to the consumer, however this particular meal will be good fortune for three local students.

“We’re making it an opportunity to participate in a traditional meal, to have fellowship and to raise money for scholarships for students in three of the area high schools,” said Ashman.

Those who would like to assist in the fundraising can enjoy the New Year’s Day meal for $10 for adults and $5 for children 12 and younger.

“Some people like to just buy bags of collard greens and each bag is $5,” said Ashman, who appreciates the tradition behind the meal as well as everything for which the Rotary event stands.

“First of all, it’s a great day to celebrate a traditional New Year’s meal,” said Ashman.

“It touches on tradition, it touches on fellowship and it touches on providing educational support for young people,” he said. “I think those are three strong themes we’re trying to accomplish in one meal.”

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By Beanie Taylor