Outstanding issues, concerns addressed in Ronda Board of Commissioners work session

By Beanie Taylor - beanietaylor@elkintribune.com

RONDA — As the Ronda Board of Commissioners prepares to swear in two newly elected commissioners as well as one incumbent, the December work session focused on outstanding issues and concerns.

Several concerns were maintenance issues which fit well into the budget.

Commissioner Helen Porter, who will continue for an additional term, noted the need for window repair especially since there is one window that will no longer move.

“We can’t get it shut all the way,” said Porter. “We’ve stuffed paper in there so the cold won’t get through but something needs to be done.”

“We have it in our budget,” said consultant Ron Niland, “so we just need to look at replacing all of them.”

The windows are an irregular shape, which may cause for a higher price to replace. By replacing all the windows, not only will future repair costs be lower, but utility bills also can be expected to be favorably affected.

Commissioner Manual Wood also expressed concern about the roof to the shop garage.

“Half of it’s like new,” said Wood, “the other half is about to rust through.”

Niland suggested that as estimates are being gathered for the windows, they should also be found for the roof repair.

In addition to seeking out estimates from traditional window companies and roofers, the town will be contacting handymen and other skilled individuals for repair estimates.

Tradition was questioned as well, as outgoing Commissioner Rheajean Benge observed that there were documents missing from the town hall archives.

“I think we should have a copy of them here at town hall,” said Benge of property deeds and legislative amendments.

Although this paperwork is on file at various other locations such as the county courthouse, it was agreed that the town of Ronda should have its own files.

It also was agreed that the town would again offer Andrew Wood the $500 a previous board had agreed to pay him.

During the November meeting, Andrew Wood had requested $1,000 for damage done to his barn and underpinning when pipe lines were being laid about 10 years ago.

“I’ll tell you what I’ve told him,” said Commissioner Wood, “if they offer you anything I would take it and go.”

The board will meet on Tuesday at 6 p.m. where Commissioners Benge and Gene Fowler will relinquish their seats to Joann Royal and Kay Luffman.

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By Beanie Taylor