Concerns about boring policies and fees make interesting Ronda Commissioners meeting

By Beanie Taylor -

RONDA — During the short work session of the Ronda Board of Commissioners, a discrepancy between the policies and fees regarding boring was discussed.

“A resident had a concern about our policy versus our fees and for the longest time I couldn’t find anything about boring,” said Commissioner Rheajean Benge. “When I was looking over the schedule of fees, I did find the word ‘boring,’ but the question the customer had was why he was charged a boring fee when our policy flat out says that the town is responsible for what goes on up to the meter and then from the meter to his house was what he was responsible for.”

After her investigation, Benge came up with the same conclusion as the customer. “I feel that there is a contradiction between our fees and our policy and we need to clarify either one.”

It was agreed that the policy wording should be amended.

“We should say that the fees will be assessed according to the schedule of fees because the schedule of fees could change over time,” said Mayor Victor Varela to the assent of the board.

Upon discussion it was confirmed that Town Clerk Telesa Carter already had been charging everyone the boring cost according to the schedule of fees in spite of the policy.

“From the time I started working here everyone has been charged,” said Carter. “I have charged every single person in town or out of town because that scheduling fee has told me to do so.”

After realizing citizens had been charged the boring fee who should not have been due to the policy wording, the board decided that past mistakes would not be rectified.

“If we’ve been charging, it’s kind of hard to not charge this one,” said Commissioner Gene Fowler.

“As we’re going along and doing all of these ordinances and resolutions and policies and so forth we’re finding little glitches here and there,” said Benge,” and as we find them we need to get them cleared up so the future won’t have this problem.”

Official changes will be adopted during the next meeting which is scheduled to take place at 6 p.m. on Tuesday at the Ronda Town Hall.

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By Beanie Taylor

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