Fundraiser to benefit children’s charity

Staff Report

DOBSON — A local charity event is being held to benefit an organization which helps children with a condition called hemiplegia.

Nathan and Myra Edwards’s son, Bentley, was born on Jan. 5, 2017, and the following day, they learned that he had suffered from a stroke at birth, which caused seizures and extensive brain damage.

“We spoke with many doctors and were prepared for what might come from this, such as weakness and movement issues on his left side, vision impairment, possible motor and development delays, and more,” said Myra Edwards.

The couple met with nurses and doctors each month, “only for them to tell us that Bentley was developing perfectly despite missing parts of his brain that died off,” she said.

“He is our miracle baby and has a true testimony to share with the world,” Edwards said. “Since this event, we want to bring awareness to all of the children who suffer from pediatric stroke. It is more common than we ever knew.

“These kids feel like they are different from all others, and they are. They were born to stand out, to show what a miracle looks like, and to show how God is great,” she said.

On Sunday from 1 to 7 p.m., The Barn at Heritage Farm in Dobson will have more than 25 vendors setting up, as well as food trucks, raffles for a Yeti cooler and a television, door prizes, music and more, with all proceeds benefiting a camp called Helping Kids with Hemiplegia.

Staff Report