Prism hosts local school field trip

Staff Report

On March 29, Prism hosted the students of Yadkin Valley Community School for an educational field trip at its downtown Elkin corporate campus.

YVCS students are studying the human body and Prism, being wound care specialists, became the perfect choice to help them gain additional knowledge on the topic.

“Our students really enjoyed visiting Prism as an extension of their study of the human body. They learned all about wound care through the hands-on demonstrations and activities that the staff had organized. Another thing that I really appreciated about this trip is that the kids not only learned about science but they also learned about business, teamwork and public speaking. We are very lucky to have Prism as a local partner,” said Kimberly Seipel-Parks, administrator at YVCS.

The field trip was composed of a variety of activities each enabling Prism to tie in information the students are learning about skin, infections, cells, the circulatory and digestive systems.

These activities gave an opportunity for students to help dress imaginary wounds using the knowledge they had learned through product demonstrations and onsite education.

Prism’s Training & Development department partnered with the MPCT Corporate Connections board to assemble an appropriate curriculum and teach the students during their time at Prism.

“Prism is always happy to get involved in our community and we were thrilled to hear that the students from YVCS would be coming to our offices to learn more about what we do. It’s not the first time we’ve worked with the school and we hope we can continue partnering with them and providing education to their students,” said James St. Cyr, Prism’s vice president of operations.

Prism, established in 2006 and headquartered in Elkin, is primarily a home medical supply company but also a dedicated community advocate.

In 2015 MPCT Corporate Connections was established as an internal outreach board and is composed of Prism employees who focus primarily on the community.

MPCT Corporate Connections began the #commit2community initiative last year to raise awareness for causes Prism and the local community voice a great deal of passion for as well as serve organizations that work to benefit local initiatives.

In the course of ongoing outreach and service Prism has formed lasting partnerships with several organizations in Surry, Wilkes, and Yadkin counties and works with them throughout the year and is proud to represent all of them.

For more information on Prism’s MPCT Corporate Connections and to establish a charitable relationship with Prism, reach out to

Staff Report