Barnes awarded for ‘Dooley’ book

Staff Report

NORTH WILKESBORO — The North Carolina Society of Historians held its 76th annual awards banquet at the Stone Center on Nov. 11 where they presented author Charlotte Corbin Barnes with a Historical Book Award for 2017 for her memoir, “The Tom Dooley Files: My Search for the Truth Behind the Legend.”

Barnes’ motivation for writing “The Tom Dooley Files” stemmed from her being bedridden as a little girl at the same time the Kingston Trio’s 1958 chart-topping ballad, “Tom Dooley,” was in heavy rotation on radio stations throughout the country.

Going into far greater detail than any previously written books on the subject, “The Tom Dooley Files” attempts to uncover what really happened that led to the hanging of the Confederate Civil War veteran, Thomas C. Dula [aka Tom Dooley] for his part in the vile murder of Laura Foster, the girl he was allegedly going to marry.

“The Tom Dooley Files” is filled with the oral histories of descendants of people alive at the time the murder took place. Readers can discover for themselves what was said about the events surrounding the murder according to stories passed down through their families for generations.

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Staff Report