Elkin Wet Lightning set to start season

The Elkin Wet Lightning are ready to strike Saturday in the first swim meet of the season.

Roughly 120 kids from more than five counties represent the team, and it’s a great opportunity to get in the pool over the summer.

“The kids on our team are at age ranges 5 to 18 from kids who are swimming from one side to another to those who swim competitively,” Coach Sybil Myers said. This is Myers’ third stint as a coach for the Wet Lightning.

Myers started as a coach for the team back when she was on the team in the 1980s, and has been on and off ever since.

“A lot of the kids I coached six years ago are still swimming with us,” Myers said. “This team is like a family. A lot of the older kids are like assistant coaches without even being asked.”

When the Wet Lightning hit the pool Saturday at 9 a.m. against Carroll and Wytheville, both from Virginia, it also will mark a milestone for a coach Myers has been with from the beginning.

Oz Prim will be celebrating his 30th anniversary as a coach for the team. His leadership has helped the Elkin swimming community grow tremendously.

“Coaching was my dream,” said Prim. “This is a dream job and I’ve been able to watch people grow up. I feel blessed.”

He’s not the only Prim helping out the team. His two daughters are assistant coaches, with Julianna Prim being a recent graduate and record-breaking swimmer from NC State University. Oz Prim noted that his two daughters, as well as the Wet Lightning, have taught him family values.

“It’s allowed me to be a better father. Getting to be with my kids has made me a better person. I look at coaching and think you have to be a role model. We have great kids that are wonderful to be around,” Prim said.

After Saturday’s meet is done, the Wet Lightning will have a rematch against Carroll County Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at Carroll County.

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