Travel tennis? Possibly coming soon…

Connie Song chases a ball in a friendly matchup against Tanglewood.

Rebecca O’Connell readies to strike in a friendly matchup against Tanglewood.

Janet Moseley, of Elkin, playing for Tanglewood, serves up in a friendly matchup against the Raquettes.

The Elkin Raquettes tangled with Tanglewood Wednesday morning in a doubles matchup at the Elkin Recreational Center.

Janet Moseley of Elkin works with Tanglewood and had a vision of coordinating a matchup between the two teams last year. Elkin used to have a travel team, which Moseley was a part of, and is trying to bring back.

Both teams packed the tennis courts and played in good fun. Moseley hopes that the community will continue to grow, and bring back soon. If future events run as great as Wednesday’s did, then it shouldn’t be long before the travel team sees a comeback.

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