Chapter one complete for East Wilkes football

By Ryan DeCosta -

East Wilkes huddles up after a win against Forbush at home Friday night.

Ryan DeCosta | Elkin Tribune

The East Wilkes Cardinals have separated their football season into numerous chapters, and with a successful chapter one, they’re ready to turn the page.

They completed chapter one Friday night with a convincing 48-15 win over the Forbush Falcons. The Cardinals were dominant right from the beginning on both sides of the ball and never let off. In all, the Falcons could only get two first downs the entire game, while offensively, the Cardinals scored a touchdown on their first five possessions.

“We’ve played good defense all year, it’s been a staple for us,” Head Coach J.K. Adkins said. “It was a collective effort. I think we controlled the line of scrimmage both offensively and defensively.”

In the football preview edition about a month prior, Adkins said he told his senior class they were going to be the ones to change the culture of the program, and set a goal out to be undefeated when conference play begins. They met their goal to be undefeated, and with seniors like Quincy Lineberger, Camon Bryan and Andrew Nance, they seem to be on the right track for a strong remainder of the season.

“Those guys understand that this is an important year of their life. It’s about the program, it’s not about any individual for them, it’s about getting everybody on board and keeping them on board. I’ve seen true leadership, not to knock previous classes but this is the first that I’ve really seen that from,” Adkins said.

Where Forbush struggled, East Wilkes excelled in the running game, as Nance scored for four touchdowns on the night, while Bryan got things started for the Cardinals on their first drive, finishing it off with a rushing touchdown, and added another touchdown to match.

“Best offensive blocking we’ve had all year,” Nance said. “In practice we just worked on executing, executing, and executing and then when we got to the game it became second nature.”

“Last week we made some mistakes against North Stokes, our backs weren’t hitting the right angles for their runs, but we fixed that tonight,” Bryan said.

The Cardinals’ defensive line was just as strong as their offense all night, as the Falcons failed to convert for a first down the entire first half. Forbush’s first six drives were all three-and-outs.

“There wasn’t nothing that they tried that we hadn’t already seen in practice or film… they went out there and were flying around. That’s all there is to it. Offensively, that was most physical up front we’ve played, I think we’ve got our momentum back,” Lineberger said.

“Our defensive backs, we call them Flip City, they had some big breakups tonight. The front three Chris Dixon, Quincy, and Adam they did great controlling the line… It keeps us in our groove. Those quick three and outs keeps their defense out there,” Nance said.

Despite starting 4-0, for East Wilkes, they have to hit the reset button as conference play begins next week. They’re set to travel to North Wilkes Friday night at 7:30. For Forbush, they host Cherryville in their last game before conference play.

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East Wilkes huddles up after a win against Forbush at home Friday night. Wilkes huddles up after a win against Forbush at home Friday night. Ryan DeCosta | Elkin Tribune

By Ryan DeCosta

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