Syrian refugee crisis debated at EHS

By Krista Bryant - For The Tribune

Following the Dec. 2, San Barnadino, California, shootings in which 14 people were wounded and 21 died, many class discussions at Elkin High School have focused on what should be done about the Syrian refugees seeking asylum in the United States.

Most Elkin High School students feel the United States should not allow the refugees into the country at this time. As one 10th-grader commented, “We’re not sure who we’ll be letting in… it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Others seek the middle ground with cautious acceptance. Sisters Lauren and Lakan Bryant responded, “We should let people in, but make sure they have only good intentions and are not suspected of a terrorist attack.”

However, a few students feel compassion for the refugees. Henry Freeman commented, “They want help, and we can provide it.”

Like the adults around them, Elkin teens have mixed feelings about the refugees, and most reflect the concerns about safety the situation presents.

Krista Bryant is a member of the Elkin High School Journalism Club.

By Krista Bryant

For The Tribune

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