MVAC tennis awards announced

By Kristian Russell -

The Mountain Valley Atheltic Conference has announced the 2016 All Conference players for women’s tennis. Elkin and East Wilkes had several players make the list, while Starmount had one player.

Elkin’s Mattie Timmerman was named 2016 Player of the Year, while East Wilkes head coach Aaron Simmons was named the 2016 Coach of the Year. The 2016 MVAC tennis champion is Elkin High School, which completed its year with a 15-4 overall record, and a 13-1 conference record. The full list of honorees are below.

2016 Tennis Champions – Elkin

2016 Player of the Year –Mattie Timmerman – (Elkin)

2016 Coach of the Year – Aaron Simmons – (East Wilkes


Emma Aldridge (Elkin)

Morgan Church (Ashe)

Anna Corley (Ashe)

Kinsey Crabb (East Wilkes)

Caroline Current (Ashe)

Brianna Demario (North Wilkes)

Brianna Dreyer (Elkin)

Amanda Eddins (West Wilkes)

Kaylie Fernandez Ashe)

Mikayla Howell (North Wilkes)

Brie Jarvis (East Wilkes)

Mattie Lester (East Wilkes)

Iridian Lopez (Alleghany)

Lindsey Matheny (West Wilkes)

Emily Mendenhall (Starmount)

Katherine Minton (West Wilkes)

Amber Miller (Ashe)

Leah Nance (East Wilkes)

Abby Reeves (East Wilkes)

Brooklyn Roope ((North Wilkes)

Erin Shelton (West Wilkes)

Bianka Soos (Elkin)

Mattie Timmerman (Elkin)

Mackenzie Wood (Ashe)

By Kristian Russell

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