Forbush looking for a winning 2016 record

By Kristian Russell -

Forbush 2016 varsity team

Kristian Russell | The Tribune

Forbush Roster

1Will Brown

WR, DBSr.5-10160
2Shane Hutchens

WR, CBSr.5-11145
4Tony Douglas

WR, DBJr.5-9160
5Blake Winebarger

QB, DBJr.5-8190
8Jamie Sheek

DB, WRSr.5-7160
9Cory Evans

MLB, TESr.6-1190
10Camren Cunningham

DB, WRJr.5-11160
12Jackson Cooper

WR, CBSr.6-0163
15Alex Boyles

DL, OLJr.6-1170
20Joel Guadarrama

21Jaylen Boyd

DL, RBFr.5-10225
22Austin Mendenhall

CB, WRSr.5-8147
25Trey Gardner

RB, LBFr.6-0160
32Zane Johnson

RB, CBJr.6-1240
33Chris Gieger

WR, DBJr.5-11170
34Omar Montalvan

RB, OLBSr.5-8180
41Tanner Gregory

RB, MLBJr.6-0226
42Dylan Johnson

LB, RBSo.5-10185
44Jacob Shore

RB, OLBJr.5-8165
45Derick Jayson

LB, RBJr.5-8160
53Jamie Ramirez

MLB, DTSr.5-9230
55Derick Hefner

DL, OLJr.6-0190
55Hefner Derrick

T, DTJr.
56John Basilio

MLB, GSr.5-7165
58Mason Coe

OL, DLFr.5-11240
61Tanner Moore

G, DTJr.5-11240
62Ryan Coe

OL, DLJr.5-10160
65Houston Edwards

OL, DLSr.6-0205
68Chaz Crabb

OL, DLSr.5-9200
70Tyriece Kimbrough

DL, OLJr.5-10250
71Toby Coppley

T, DTSr.6-3220
72Louden Hundley

G, DEJr.6-0225
74Corbin Foster

OL, DLJr.5-8220
75Jacob Matthews

DL, OLSr.6-0280
81Josh Wood

TE, DLSr.6-3220
82Isaac Barker

LB, RBJr.6-0145

EAST BEND — Forbush football has struggled to maintain a good football team in the last 10 years.

Last season, the Falcons had a 5-7 overall record, and a 2-3 Western Piedmont Athletic Conference record. In the WPAC, Forbush placed fourth with a .400 win percentage. The last time the Falcons won 50 percent of their games was in 2013 when the Falcons went 6-6 overall. The last winning record was in 2004, when the Falcons were under Coach Pat Mitchell and had a 12-2 season.

This season, Head Coach Chris Johnson got straight to the point when asked what his goals were for this year’s team.

“Our goal this season is to have a winning record,” said Johnson. “Forbush hasn’t had a winning season in the last 10 years.”

For Forbush to get that winning record, it will have to come up strong on defense and offense. Last season the Falcons had the players, and the size needed on the defensive line, but they came up short where it matter most. Forbush had no fear on the defensive line, as the team’s approach was to come out big and to come out strong. This season, the Falcons are bigger and stronger on defense with the help of defensive linemen Zane Johnson and Louden Hundley; linebacker Tanner Gregory; and defensive back Austin Mendehall.

Johnson is one of the main players for the Falcons as he plays both ways, as a running back and a defensive lineman. Last season, Johnson had 971 rushing yards and 14 touchdowns. With nine returning starters, the Falcons are on a direct course for a winning season, they just have to over come a few bumps along the way.

“We will be similar to last year in our approach on offense,” said Coach Johnson. “We’re expecting to be faster and more aggressive on defense.”

Quarterback Jackson Cooper looks to lead the team on the offensive side once again. Cooper has been a driving force for the Falcons since he became the starting quarterback. Last season Cooper had 450 passing yards, and 705 rushing yards. Other notable players to keep an eye on this season are: OL/DL John Basilio, TE/LB Cory Evans, RB/LB Omar Montalvan, WR/DB Shane Hutchens, and OL Tanner Moore.

The first match-up of the season was against Elkin, who the Falcons opened up their season with last year with a 28-7 win. From there the Falcons face a few tough match-ups with North Iredell, North Wilkes, Starmount and East Wilkes. The Falcons will need to show up on both sides of the field in order to maintain a winning record this season.

Kristian Russell may be reached at 336-258-4052.

Forbush 2016 varsity team 2016 varsity team Kristian Russell | The Tribune

By Kristian Russell

Forbush Roster

1 Will Brown

WR, DB Sr. 5-10 160
2 Shane Hutchens

WR, CB Sr. 5-11 145
4 Tony Douglas

WR, DB Jr. 5-9 160
5 Blake Winebarger

QB, DB Jr. 5-8 190
8 Jamie Sheek

DB, WR Sr. 5-7 160
9 Cory Evans

MLB, TE Sr. 6-1 190
10 Camren Cunningham

DB, WR Jr. 5-11 160
12 Jackson Cooper

WR, CB Sr. 6-0 163
15 Alex Boyles

DL, OL Jr. 6-1 170
20 Joel Guadarrama

K Jr. 5-6 130
21 Jaylen Boyd

DL, RB Fr. 5-10 225
22 Austin Mendenhall

CB, WR Sr. 5-8 147
25 Trey Gardner

RB, LB Fr. 6-0 160
32 Zane Johnson

RB, CB Jr. 6-1 240
33 Chris Gieger

WR, DB Jr. 5-11 170
34 Omar Montalvan

RB, OLB Sr. 5-8 180
41 Tanner Gregory

RB, MLB Jr. 6-0 226
42 Dylan Johnson

LB, RB So. 5-10 185
44 Jacob Shore

RB, OLB Jr. 5-8 165
45 Derick Jayson

LB, RB Jr. 5-8 160
53 Jamie Ramirez

MLB, DT Sr. 5-9 230
55 Derick Hefner

DL, OL Jr. 6-0 190
55 Hefner Derrick

T, DT Jr.
56 John Basilio

MLB, G Sr. 5-7 165
58 Mason Coe

OL, DL Fr. 5-11 240
61 Tanner Moore

G, DT Jr. 5-11 240
62 Ryan Coe

OL, DL Jr. 5-10 160
65 Houston Edwards

OL, DL Sr. 6-0 205
68 Chaz Crabb

OL, DL Sr. 5-9 200
70 Tyriece Kimbrough

DL, OL Jr. 5-10 250
71 Toby Coppley

T, DT Sr. 6-3 220
72 Louden Hundley

G, DE Jr. 6-0 225
74 Corbin Foster

OL, DL Jr. 5-8 220
75 Jacob Matthews

DL, OL Sr. 6-0 280
81 Josh Wood

TE, DL Sr. 6-3 220
82 Isaac Barker

LB, RB Jr. 6-0 145

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