Girls track all conference named

By Kristian Russell -

The women’s MVAC track all conference and honorable mention awards were released on Thursday afternoon. Lauryn Turner (North Wilkes) and Olivia Bullard (East Wilkes) were voted the 2016 Players of the Year. Ashe County coach Alex Rollins was voted the 2016 Coach of the Year.

All Conference from Elkin, East Wilkes and Starmount are as follows: Gracie Brown (East Wilkes), Catie Beth Brown (Elkin), Olivia Bullard (East Wilkes), Autumn Garcia (East Wilkes), Corinthian Hil (Starmount), Jennifer Johnson (Starmount), Tess Jolly (East Wilkes), Skylar Martin (Starmount), Alexis Pardue (East Wilkes), Cynthia Ramos (Starmount), Hannah Shell (Starmount), and Lizbeth Zuniga (Starmount). Honorable Mention includes Laken Brown (Elkin), Alexis Pardue (East Wilkes), and Paige Waters (East Wilkes).

Other All Conference athletes include Shawntae Carlton (Wilkes Central), Savannah Cary (Ashe), Tashonna Cowles (Wilkes Central), Taylor Curry (Wilkes Central), Katelyn Davis (Alleghany), Chetola Greer (Ashe), Vanessa Guijosa (Ashe), Madelyn Hamby (West Wilkes), Madison Hamby (West Wilkes), Hailey Hogan (Wilkes Central), Ann Jaimes (Wilkes Central), Kaitlyn Jordan (Ashe), Passion Lipford (Wilkes Central), Allison Livengood (North Wilkes), Carrie Lowe (Wilkes Central), Meghan Lyall (Alleghany), Constance Matrix (Ashe), Bella Potter (Ashe), Olivia Randolph (Ashe), Jennifer Rhodes (North Wilkes), Brooklyn Roten (Ashe), Spencer Simino (Ashe), Chloe Sullivan (Ashe), Lacey Triplett (Wilkes Central), Mya Tugman (Wilkes Central), Lauryn Turner (North Wilkes), Emily Vicnic (West Wilkes), Madison Warner (Ashe), and Victoria Young (North Wilkes).

Other Honorable Mention athletes include Kenzie Adkins (Alleghany), Savannah Cary (Ashe), Asia Castilleja (North Wilkes), Whitney Crouse (Alleghany), Katelyn Davis (Alleghany), Jaynee Halvorsen (Wilkes Central), Madelyn Hamby (West Wilkes), Jasmine Horton (Wilkes Central), Tyler Johnson (North Wilkes), Passion Lipford (Wilkes Central), Allison Livengood (North Wilkes), Meghan Lyall (Alleghany), Leah McGrady (Alleghany), Deannh Milhalke (Alleghany), Mookie Miller (Alleghany), Zuemy Morales (Alleghany), Sarah Olson (Wilkes Central), Jennifer Rhodes (North Wilkes), Stacey Townsend (Wilkes Central), Mya Tugman (Wilkes Central), Avery Wood (North Wilkes), and Victoria Young (North Wilkes).

By Kristian Russell

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