Gratitude in educating everyone

By Cassundra Morrison - Principal, Elkin Middle School

Here at Elkin Middle School I watch the beautiful faces of students moving from classroom to classroom learning new concepts, seeking understanding and collaborating with their peers. Although some of these students come from various backgrounds they blend without hesitation when given technological devices; it is the great connector. All of the students have the same hard wire regardless of ethnic background, economic levels, gender, orientation or political affiliation. Unfortunately, the adults do not have this same great connector; this is why it is difficult to understand how to reach our trending leaders of tomorrow.

We find ourselves as adults saying things like, “This generation is getting out of hand!” Well, not really they just have a technological windfall of ways to document their lives and mistakes. They do have great advantages in this technological era. And although some of us are lucky we did not have the same advancements to document our mistake, let’s face it; there is a Star Trek, Star Wars lover in all of us. This generation has Face Time and cloning, they are getting close to being able to be in two places at one time. One of my students may discover the cure for different forms of cancer, AIDS, or something that improves society’s means of transportation or the way we use energy.

Here at Elkin Middle School we believe that each one of our students could be that student. We are grateful to the community for continued support. We are grateful to parents for having the confidence to support our programming. We are grateful to teachers and their families that give up nights, weekends and summer days so that their spouses can attend educational conferences and coaching events. Most importantly, we are grateful for great students that bring their “A” game every day.

By Cassundra Morrison

Principal, Elkin Middle School

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