Letter to the editor

To the editor,

Our government is so corrupt they don’t even try to hide it anymore. Hillary has repeatedly lied under oath (perjury), deleted thousands of pages of emails after they were subpoenaed, including thousands that we now know from other sources were indeed work related (destruction of evidence), and when ordered to surrender her servers replied “That’s not gonna happen” (contempt of court).

In 2009 she was told by Obama to quit using a private server, which she disregarded, and Bill was told to quit accepting money from foreign countries while his wife was Secretary of State, after which he took in $48 million in speaking fees. The State Department says there was no conflict of interest and even approved 20% of all Uranium mined in this country going to Russia.

As Secretary of State Hillary should have been handling secret and classified information every day. Her only defense would be that she wasn’t doing anything important and was only a token figurehead. There may be some truth to that since of the more than 600 requests for additional security at our former embassy in Benghazi Libya, she said none ever reached her desk.

If she had been charged, she undoubtedly would have been convicted, but then she couldn’t be our next president. The only other option was to not hold her responsible for anything.

Another example of this administrations selective enforcement is Lois Lerner of the IRS. Her illegal actions may have altered the outcome of our last presidential election, and then 400 disks of her emails were destroyed after they were subpoenaed, but nothing has happened to her.

Our Department of Justice authorized the sale of firearms to known criminals which has resulted in murders including at least one border patrol agent (Fast and Furious). We know about it only because some agents complained when they were forbidden to even try and track where these weapons went. For the first time in our history an Attorney General, Eric Holder, was held in contempt of congress for withholding evidence, but that’s all.

This is absurd. Politics shouldn’t prevent justice. Many people have been prosecuted and severely disciplined for much less. They should be indicted and at the very least never be allowed to work for our government again. The democrats should nominate a more worthy candidate, like Joe Biden.

These are the most flagrant abuses of power and dereliction of duty I can think of since the Supreme Court changed the Affordable Care Act, and clearly exceeded their authority. They are supposed to rule on the law. It’s up to congress to rewrite or fix a bad law. We have separation of powers for a reason. Those five progressive justices should be impeached, but apparently can’t be. Any more like them could permanently destroy the principals and freedoms this country was founded on.

So do you want to continue under this administration (the status quo) or try something different. We can’t be sure what Donald Trump will do, but we do know that Hillary “It’s my turn” Clinton is evil. If you liked Nixon you’ll love Hillary. It’s up to us — I hope.

Robert Dixon Jones

Roaring River

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