Letter to the editor

To the editor,

Our school system once was and should be again about the students and the teachers that walk into those classrooms everyday! It should be about the teacher assistants, the custodians, the lunchroom personnel, the bus drivers, the nurses and secretaries that come to school every day with smiles on their faces and work with our students.

Elkin City Schools should not be about central office! It’s not about putting “director” or “specialist” or “officer” before or after a name and telling them how great they are! Anyone can forward an email! Here are salary totals for the last six years for central office staff only:

2011: $884,844.36: 20 employees

2012: $857,253.55: 20 employees

2013: $881,389.99: 20 employees

2014: $917,465.23: 21 employees

2015: $995,965.64: 21 employees

2016: $995,965.64: 22 employees

Total: $5,532,884.41

Now, someone needs to explain to the students and parents of the Elkin City School District why we only have three English teachers at the high school and other budget woes. If cuts are needed, start from the top!

There are other questions that need to be answered:

Is the bassoon back at Elkin High School where it belongs?

Why can’t textbook money be used to buy textbooks?

Does the staff at central office have the credentials for the salaries given them?

What is an “annual leave” payout and can anyone do this? Board Notes: 6/27: Contract AL Payout-Individual Option

Let’s be Elkin City School’s again, with pride, tradition and excellence!

Trish Long

State Road

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