Letter to the editor

To the editor,

I am a 2016 retiree from Elkin City Schools and over the last few years I’ve watched many of our great teachers and employees leave Elkin City Schools with excuses such as, retirement, better job opportunities in other school systems, moving closer to home or going outside the system to find better job opportunities, but the truth is, it was unjust treatment or just couldn’t take the control from the top anymore.

As a last jab for taking care of those at the top and at the expense of those at the bottom: the teaching staff, Dr. Bledsoe threw out all the previous central office contracts (which they were starting year two of a four year contract) and renewed every contract for four years. This act basically locks in the high paid salaries of the central office staff, some of which are more than twice the salary of most of our teacher’s and four times that of our assistants for the next four years. It also ties the hands of our new superintendent if he or she should see the need to make cuts or adjustments at the central office level.

It also needs to be brought to everyone’s attention that our current board allowed this with a four to one vote, with Frank Beals’ vote being the only negative vote. How can this be in the best interest of the students, the teachers or the citizens of Elkin?

Dr. Brinegar has assured the schools and the public that the current school board wants input for the next superintendent, well; let’s make sure they get plenty!

There are two school board seats up for election this fall, one in the east and one from city limits. The deadline is noon, August 8th for filing. Let’s find people to fill these positions that will ask questions, not just rubber stamp anything brought across the table.

Trish Long

State Road

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