Letter to the editor

To the Editor,

The recent resignation of Dr. Randy Bledsoe as Superintendent of Elkin City Schools poses many questions and few answers. Why the sudden resignation? Where has the large amount of the system’s savings vanished to over the last three years? Is the school discriminating against transfer students with regard to academic and discipline standards and policy? In what direction will the school system go from here?

In my opinion the last question that I posed is the one that should be addressed first. Picking a new superintendent is a difficult task that should involve much thought, community involvement and a thorough understanding of the depth of the fiscal and policy mess that the current administration has left. This task should not be undertaken hastily.

The Elkin School Board under Dr. Bledsoe’s leadership has created each of these concerns over the last few years. If democracy is rule by the people does this Board have the legitimate right to pick a permanent replacement before the next school board election? This election will give voters an opportunity to hold board members accountable for decisions that they have made in cooperation with Dr. Bledsoe.

I believe that the best short term solution for the system would be to find a good long term interim superintendent until this mess is sorted out. The best candidate for this position would be one with ties to the community so that the interests of the school system would be best represented. Dr. Martin may be a good fit here since he had children who attended this system. We do not need to act too quickly and rashly in the election of a permanent leader because, if we do, we will likely have to pay for it in the future.

The recent explanation of the budget expenditures, posted in the tribune, looks to me like the current administration is trying to satisfy the people with a glossy and quick cover up of a stinking mess. A release of a line item budget, for the full time period in question, is the only way that we will know where the money has gone. We the people are owed this accountability.

Why has the policy that deals with holding out of district students to higher academic and discipline standards been tabled twice? Frank Beals and Coach Lloyd have questioned the fairness of this policy as have others in the community. Are the other four members of the board and the outgoing superintendent waiting for the heat to die down to pass what please? If so shame on them.

Steve Shaw

State Road

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