Letter to the editor

To the editor,

I would like to give you a report on our Staurolite Crystal show in Jonesville on the 8th, 9th and 10th of April, but first I would like to tell you about the collection. My son and I have been on over 100 Staurolite hunts in over 30 locations for the Matrix rocks in the collection. I have dug out of the mountain with mattock and shove over 3,000 buckets of dirt, carried the buckets to the mine ore separating tables, and screened each bucket. Then I gathered the stones up and washed each basket of stones in ten five gallon buckets. 30,000 washings. Then I hunted through each basket of stones to find the Staurolites. I spent two and a half years separating the stones into four groups and grading the stones, than I built displays.

We brought over fifteen hundred Staurolite specimens, and over one hundred Gem and Mineral specimens with identification labels. We offered FREE admission for children under 12 years old. This was a great opportunity for church youth groups. We did not have a single youth group, or school field trip group. None of your teachers came to the show. Can you imagine the wisdom, power, and knowledge God had to create the symbol of a cross in a rock to represent the crucifixion of Christ at least four thousand years before the crucifixion. God created three symbols we use in mathematics, and the symbol of life used in the medical field. These symbols are found in rocks. This is God’s creation.

I spent over $1,000.00 dollars to bring this rare and beautiful collection to your area. These charges were for building rent, rent for tables for show, Motel expenses, Advertising and printing cost for flyers and discount cards, and traveling expense. Maybe the people thought seven dollars with a coupon was to much to pay to see this wonderful and rare miracle of creation. If we charged $5.00 admission it would take over 200 visitors to break even, with nothing for me and my sons labor for loading the collection, driving the collection to Jonesville, then unloading the collection and setting up the tables. Then loading up the collection and taking it back to the Museum. We spent four days labor in this effort for nothing. Is no one interested in God’s creation of a cross to represent Christ?

My son and I went to fifty five businesses in Jonesville and Elkin and gave discount cards and invited these merchants and their customers to the show. We did not have a shingle merchant visit the show. We did not have a single Pastor from any church in your area. I could not believe there was a pastor of a church who would not be interested in this amazing miracle of God’s creation, how sad. We made a tremendous effort to share this one of a kind collection with the people in your area. This is the only collection like this in America, and your people missed it. We had only one visitor out of all the people in your area. How sad! Maybe some of your readers can tell me what I did wrong, and why they rejected witnessing God’s creation of these symbols in rocks.


Don Hopkins

Stone Cross Mountain Museum

Martinsville, Virginia

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