Letter to the editor

To the editor,

My opinion concerning the memorial bench placed at Elkin Park without prior approval: It has totally been blown out of proportion and has nothing to do with Christian values versus nonChristian values. While I think the people providing this bench had good intentions, I don’t think they thought through their goals in doing so. It is not my park; it is not their park; it is our park. As such, there is a protocol and procedures to follow for placing something in our park. Otherwise, the park is opened up for anyone’s agenda to put ANYTHING they want there at any time. Is that really what we want? These park and town officials/employees were simply doing the job they were hired to do. Please do not make them non-Christian villains when nothing is further from the truth. Had the Town/Park been approached for input/approval at the inception of this idea as is the norm, I feel sure a memorial bench for this precious child would be in the park and the goal of helping this family find peace in their loss achieved. Good idea; bad follow through. It has been stated they are not asking for special treatment when that is exactly what they are doing. No one else has just brought something to the park and then called to say it is there. Every other bench in the park was placed there after first receiving approval from the Town. As a Christian, I would love to see scriptures from the Holy Bible everywhere. What I don’t want to see are scriptures or dogma from other religions, lifestyles and beliefs that I do not agree with. That is the issue here.

Mary Emmons


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