Letter to editor

To the editor,

In honor of the 100th Anniversary of Elkin Graded School, my wife and I are proud to have been educated at Elkin Graded School and graduate from the Elkin City School system. The Elkin City School system has always been recognized as one of the best school systems in the state. Looking back upon my life of 83 years, I was reflecting how my family has been greatly influenced and blessed by the quality of education we received from Elkin City Schools. My siblings and I, my wife Betty Ellen Harris Fletcher and my sister-­in­-law, Myzelle Stanley Fletcher graduated from Elkin High School and have all gone on to become educators.

My oldest brother, Sidney Fletcher, taught science at Wingate University and retired well into his 80’s; his wife Myzelle taught two years at Elkin Elementary School and retired from Union County Schools and their daughter­in­law Cathy Fletcher is a teacher. Dr. David Lee Fletcher taught Hebrew and Greek at Dallas Baptist University til his 80’s and his wife Helen Fletcher and daughter, Reba Joy were also teachers. I, William Charles Fletcher and my wife, Betty Ellen Harris Fletcher, began our teaching careers at Romulus Elementary School in Michigan, later moving to Yadkin County and then to Surry County. I was principal at Pilot Mountain Elementary School, Assistant Superintendent of Quantico Marine Dependent School in Quantico, VA. I was the High School Supervisor of Yadkin County High schools and this included the construction and organization of Forbush and Starmount High Schools. I retired as Assistant Superintendent of Surry County Schools. Our oldest son, Bill and his wife Jenny Kirk Fletcher (who did her student teacher at Elkin Elementary School), taught in Surry and Yadkin County schools. Bill retired from East Bend Elementary School. His daughter,

Eva Fletcher Tomko, teaches at West Yadkin Elementary School. Our daughter, Elizabeth “Betsy” Fletcher White, did her student teaching at Elkin High School, taught one year at Gentry Middle School, and then taught 29 years at Elkin High School, retiring in 2014. My sister Margaret Ann Fletcher Kleber was a public school music teacher and taught private lessons. The twelve Fletcher teachers listed here have taught a total of 368 years!

We are proud of Elkin City Schools and still support them in many ways. One of the ways we felt we were giving back to the school system was by inviting the kindergarten classes at Elkin Elementary School to visit and pick blueberries on our farm at Mountain Park a few years ago. The kindergarten teachers really had great lesson plans and each room shared their experiences with the other classes. My daughter, Betsy, often would mention to her high school students that her parents had a blueberry farm and it never failed that a student would say…”did he have a talking deer”? (I have an animated deer which I used to greet the children that came.)

It would be interesting to hear other families’ memories of their education and experiences that began at Elkin Graded School. Congratulations to the Elkin City School System for the 100th Anniversary of Elkin Graded School.

Charles Fletcher

State Road

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