Letter to the editor

To the Editor,

This letter is intended to highlight to Elkin citizens how town leaders questionably allocate public funds. Prudence has been forsaken for excess.

Our public works department is underfunded and understaffed to address the town’s aging infrastructure while town administrators live large on the public dole averaging more than twice the media income in Surry County. Income inequality here is more pronounced than on a national level. Public service has been slighted for self-indulgence and greed. So much for the virtues of a town manager …

I have experienced the injustice of this practice of late regarding replacement of an aging, broken water line while public works staff struggles to service customers.

I have attempted to be cooperative and patient, however this practice of slighting the general public to support unnecessary bureaucracy must be addressed at town hall or at the polls in November of 2005!

Jim Ipock


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