Letter to the editor

To the editor,

This brief letter appears as a requirement for a story in the local newspaper and is published as a humble and regrettable appeal for community support for a third generation resident.

Life sometimes can seem unmanageable and very disheartening as the result of life-threatening and costly illness. In my case the fault was not my own, but a severe reaction to a commonly prescribed antibiotic, a freakish and rare occurrence.

A benevolent medical account will be established at First National Bank, formerly Yadkin Bank, local branches to assist in resolving overwhelming medical bills that are insurmountable and threaten my very sustenance.

Never, ever underestimate the blessing of good health, one’s most valuable asset! It can suddenly be compromised without advance notice and result in imminent bankruptcy and a sense of hopelessness. It can give one pause to consider whether life is worth living under such constant stress and turmoil.

Jim Ipock


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