Letter to the editor

To The Editor,

The recent Rev War Days event in Elkin was a sweeping success in many ways for the Wilkes/Surry Chapter of the Overmountain Victory Trail Association (OVTA). This event was planned in conjunction with the Mountain to Sea Trails State Gathering. As president the Wilkes/Surry Chapter OVTA I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the many people who participated and helped make this a worthy event. We feel honored to have been asked to be a partner.

The living history encampment was on the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail which is one of the oldest, and one of only 19 National Historic Trails in the entire country under the National Park System. It is quite remarkable to have a National Trail that begins in Elkin. Other sister trails include the Lewis and Clark Trail, Santa Fe Trail, and the Oregon Trail. Having this notable Trail right here in Elkin should give each of us a sense of deep pride. Our patriot fathers of long ago used this foot path to the Battle of Kings Mountain helping secure freedom and liberty for our country.

The encampment for the weekend was right on the trail. We are very fortunate to have the generous permission of the land owners who have given easements for the Trail. To the Thomasson, Beverly and Roth Families we express our sincere gratitude for sharing this heritage with us.

Others to whom we wish to recognize for their help and generous support include, Harry’s Restaurant and the Subway North Bridge Street for discounted lunches, Elkin Library for allowing us to use their restrooms, Barking Coyote Coffee Shop for the hand delivered warm box of fresh oatmeal cookies, the Yadkin Valley Sons of the American Revolution, The Guilford Courthouse Drum and Fife Corp, the Jonathan Hunt Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, North Carolina Historical Re-enactment Society – 6th North Carolina Regiment, Elkin Mayor Sam Bishop, the Yadkin Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Town of Elkin, Gary York and WIFM, Surry Community College, Elkin Parks & Rec., Adam McComb Director, Elkin Police Department, Chief Monroe Wagoner, Elkin Fire Department Chief Michael Morton and Captain Theresa Knops. Also we give a big thanks are Delores Neil and Joe Hicks with Elkin Valley Trails Association (EVTA), Mountain to Sea Trail planners, Kate Dixon, Betsy Brown and Danny Bernstein and of course Beanie Taylor and The Elkin Tribune who have given the event excellent coverage.

If I have missed anyone in my list it is unintentional for we wish to salute all that contributed in making it a successful weekend. The Wilkes/Surry Chapter OVTA has a vision of working with the Elkin community to help highlight this historic Trail and the brave patriots from this area who were in the 1780 Campaign to Kings Mountain. If you would like to be involved with our efforts please contact us through the Yadkin Valley Chamber of Commerce. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Kindest Regards,

Mary Bohlen

Wilkes/Surry Chapter

Overmountain Victory Trail Association

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